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"Loki," a 50-pound lynx escaped from her sanctuary following Wednesday night's storm but was later recovered early Thursday afternoon.

Exotic Lynx Cat in Cherry Hill Recovered


Lynn Culver of NOAH Feline Conservation Center reported Thursday morning that one of her lynx, “Loki” had escaped during last night’s storm. The exotic feline center is located in Cherry Hill, Ark. The cat described as approximately 50 pounds, resembling a giant bobcat: orange brown coat, 3-feet tall, very lanky, with an 8-inch tail that is black on the bottom four inches. Loki was later recovered after news quickly spread.

The lynx had escaped sometime between 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon and 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

Upon his initial escape, Culver said, “Most likely he will be sighted on County Roads 67, 664, or 663, or along Big Fork Creek or Ouachita River. If you see cows acting strange, all looking the same direction, bunched up or mooing, or dogs barking into the brush, please investigate from a safe distance and please be on the lookout for this lynx. If you have scent dogs trained to trail bobcat, we wish to hire you immediately.”

Culver said that the exotic cat is “tame” and has been bottle raised but expects the animal to be nervous being out of its environment.

The high winds that accompanied the Wednesday afternoon storm blew a limb onto the caged area where he was secured and the cat climbed out. One section of the perimeter fencing to the center is down while they are working on an expansion.

Sheriff Mike Godfrey said that they did not consider the animal to be a “huge threat” because the animal has always lived in captivity but did wanted all citizens to be aware, “We would like to see the safe return of the animal to its owner,” and fortunately, only hours later Culver was able to recover the feline without incident.



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