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FCA Launches New Fellowship Program

Mena High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is launching a new fellowship activity on the patio at Stache’s Cookery. Each Sunday night at 7 p.m., local teens from Mena and Acorn High Schools will lead a time of worship, fellowship, and food. All students are welcome to attend. MHS Athletic Director Tim Harper said, “We want to give a special thank you to Amy Hebert at Stache’s for providing the snacks and allowing us to use the patio free of charge. She is opening just for the students and we couldn’t be more appreciative of her efforts.”

The meeting will last for about an hour and will focus on FCA and taking their influence for Christ more seriously. “We have some excellent churches in Polk County, but we want to make an even greater impact,” Harper said.

For anyone interested in helping, including individuals and churches, contact Coach Tim Harper, Coach Randy Peters, or Mrs. Melissa Puckett at Mena High School.


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