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First Annual Hay Show Winners

Rich Mountain Conservation District recently held their 1st annual Hay Show. The competition was designed to show landowners how quality hay can cut down on needed supplements. Area producers brought hay samples to the Conservation Office in Mena where they were tagged and sent off to be analyzed through the AR Cooperative Extension Service.  Upon receipt of the analysis, the judging was done by the University of Arkansas Southwest Research and Extension Center SWOB, Dr. Paul Beck.  Hay samples were ranked based on RFQ (Relative Forage Quality – a calculation based on expected DM intake and TDN) and calculated supplementation based on a 1200 pound cow with average milking ability…both lactating and gestating.  The 2014 Polk County Hay King was announced during the recent Polk County Fair.

The top 3 Hay producers were:

1st place: Mike Rogers

2nd Place – Jack Holland

3rd Place- Duane Webb

We’d like to thank our sponsors who helped us make this event successful:  Atwoods, Farmers Coop, Mena Feed and Supply and Polk County Farm Bureau.  Rich Mountain Conservation District hopes to make this an annual event.

Pictured above  Mike and Debra Rogers, Jack and Mary Holland and Duane Webb.


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