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Threat of Attack at Mena Schools is a Hoax

[MENA] Polk County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a threat of possible attack on a Polk County School, specifically Mena Public Schools.  The threat was communicated from one Mena student to another Mena student in the early Friday morning hours.  Both students are juveniles, and therefore, their names cannot be released.

The second student, who received the threat, then contacted local law enforcement.  Polk County Sheriff’s Office immediately made contact with the original reporting party of the threat.  Through investigation, the threat was determined to be a hoax.  The student was not threatening to attack the school himself, the student stated that a militant group was going to attack the school.  The intent of the report was to scare the student that it was reported to.

The juvenile male who originally made the report of an attack has been arrested and charged with Communicating a False Alarm.  He is still in custody at this time pending a meeting with the Juvenile Intake Officer and his family.  This arrest took place Friday morning before the schools opened.  School Administrators were notified of the threat and subsequent arrest of the reporting person.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office would like to re-emphasize that this reported attack is a hoax, and that there is no cause for alarm.  Local law enforcement has and will continue to work with all public schools to ensure the safety of our children.


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