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First in Local History to have Multiple County Officials Serving on State Boards


In the past twelve months, three officials of Polk County have been honored by being appointed or elected to positions on Arkansas state boards.

Polk County Clerk Terri Harrison was chosen last October as the 2014-2015 President of the State Association of County Clerks. The Association is an executive board that provides continuing education to county clerks, as well as, addressing issues and concerns within state legislative sessions. Harrison’s two-year term began on January 1, 2014 and will end on December 31, 2015. Harrison stated, “It’s a great honor to be chosen for this position. It gives me the opportunity to be a voice for the people of Polk County.”

In August of this year, Sheriff Mike Godfrey was appointed as Legislative Chairman of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association Executive Board. The Sheriffs’ Association supports the Constitution and 2nd Amendment rights of citizens. As Legislative Chairman, Godfrey will serve as liaison between the Sheriffs’ Association and the Arkansas Legislature to protect those rights. “It’s truly an honor to be elected to this position. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. In my position as legislative chair, I’ll be dealing with the state legislature and I think it’s a real advantage that I can give them the perspective of Polk County. They hear from people all the time but I can say this is how Polk County feels,” said Godfrey.

County Judge Brandon Ellison was most recently appointed to the Executive Board of the Association of Arkansas Counties. The main purpose of the board is to work for the improvement of county government. Ellison stated, “I was a little surprised when my fellow County Judges selected me to serve on the Executive Board of the County Judges Association of Arkansas, but, after only four years as an elected official, to be chosen to serve as a director for the Association of Arkansas Counties is an honor that I could have never expected. The AAC has tremendous input and influence on proposed legislative measures. I will have a voice as I fight for Polk and other rural counties.”

Not only is Polk County home to these officials, but also to Nate Bell, Arkansas State Representative, District 20. Bell, serves as Caucus Rules Chairman of the House GOP Caucus Executive Committee, a position he was appointed to in April. Bell said, “Polk County is blessed to have some of the finest elected officials in the state. Sheriff Godfrey follows former Sheriff Oglesby as a leader in the Arkansas Sheriff’s Association and our Clerk Terri Harrison has worked to keep our elections fair and legal through the adaptation to HAVA, the transition from paper ballots to electronic voting machines, offsite early voting and electronic poll-books. Judge Ellison has rapidly moved to a leadership position in the County Judge’s Association and now has been chosen to represent his fellow county judges on the Executive Board of the Arkansas Association of Counties. Each of these folks deserves to be recognized as a leader in their professional capacity and are assets to our county. I’ve worked with each of them prior to and during my legislative service and they are always knowledgeable, hard working and helpful. It’s truly an honor to serve the citizens of this area alongside these great folks. Congratulations to each of them.”


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