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Growing American Economy Means Promoting “A Competitive Business Climate,” Westerman Says

WASHINGTON – Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI-01) released the Republican Party’s latest platform in a vision for a confident America on Tuesday (June 14). The policy position, “A Better Way to Grow Our Economy,” addresses America’s stagnant economic growth and provides a bold vision for the future, according to Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-04). 

“America has long been a land where dreams can become reality, but over time visions of the American dream have turned into nightmares. Good-paying jobs resulting in fulfilling careers that are fundamental to strong homes and communities are hard to come by, regulations make it difficult to open or expand a business, and the cost of doing business is ever-increasing and placing a burden on both business owners and consumers. Government’s role is not to create jobs, but it should promote a competitive business climate. That is why I worked to develop this policy position and support the vision laid out by Speaker Ryan to create an environment that gives Arkansans a chance at the American dream like generations before us.” 

 According to the Speaker’s office, “A Better Way to Grow Our Economy” is made up of the following ideas: 

  • Regulate smarter: We need to take a smart approach that cuts down on needless regulations while making the rules we do need more efficient and effective, particularly for our small businesses that shoulder a disproportionate share of the federal regulatory burden;
  • Deliver affordable and reliable energy: We need to connect our energy boom to consumers and companies, responsibly produce more of our own resources, and end the needles delays that hold up jobs and projects indefinitely;
  • End bailouts and promote financial independence: We need to end cronyism, reward people who work hard and do the right thing, and put an end to Wall Street bailouts once and for all;
  • Put students and workers first: We should make it easier for Americans to excel in schools and workplaces, and rip up the red tape that gets in their way;
  • Preserve Internet innovation: We need to establish clear and consumer-friendly rules that prevent the FCC from making up regulations as it goes along and make sure Internet users will continue to be the decision makers for the content they want; and
  • Crack down on lawsuit abuse: We need to reform the system so that it no longer tips the scales in favor of trial lawyers and better protects consumers and small businesses.

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