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By Larry Block

Sometimes people forget that the Ouachita Little Theatre (OLT) is a community theater, not really owned by anybody, but managed by a board elected by members who are season-ticket holders. The goal of the theater is to provide community entertainment that will appeal to the broadest segment of the Polk County population. As a result, a committee, called the Play Selection Committee, which is made up primarily of members of the elected board works each year to select plays for the next two years.

Here are the plays the OLT is considering for the next 2 seasons with a brief description of each.  The committee would like to hear from the public about which plays they would like to see. Musicals include: Cinderella – Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s classic children’s tale originally written for a live broadcast on CBS in 1957 which then became a well loved Broadway play; South Pacific – Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s story of GI’s during WWII in the South Pacific; A Passion Play – Similar to “The Life of Christ”; and Bark, The Musical, a popular play about life as seen through the eyes of 6 dogs.

Dramas include: Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams’ well-known play; The Hound of the Baskervilles – Classic Sherlock Holmes mystery; Ten Nights in a Bar Room – Morality play about the evils of drinking; Christ in the Concrete City – Story of Christ presented in the form of a Greek drama, and Little Women – Louisa May Alcott.

Comedies under consideration include: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare – 3 roommates enact all of Shakespeare’s plays in two hours: Murder in the Magnolias – Murder mystery spoofing every southern fiction ever written including Tennessee Williams and Gone with the Wind; Blithe Spirit – Noel Coward; Cooking with Gus  – Couple try to film a cooking show in their home; Charlie’s Aunt – Man has to pretend to be his own aunt to fool unexpected house guests; Bell, Book and Candle – Classic movie with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak about magic; Rest in Peace – First play OLT ever put on; and Peter Pan – Children’s fantasy about the boy who would never grow up.

Copies of the movie Cinderella, South Pacific, and a video of Bark, The Musical performed by the Memphis Theatre are available to the OLT, and they will be having a small screening within the next two weeks, free of charge at the theater for anyone wishing to attend and help us decide which one to choose.  Check the website,, look at the marquee in front of the OLT, or call the OLT Info Line at (479) 243-0186 for the date.


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