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HSO Radio-thon works like a treat

By Trey Youngdahl

For the first time post-COVID, the Humane Society of the Ouachitas (HSO) held their annual radio-thon on KENA 104.1 FM.

When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to come home with a new family member. HSO came to the station Thursday morning to prepare. They loaded out the pups, and Curt Teasdale, along with his guest Michael Povey, went live on the air. Everybody was encouraging the listeners to donate or pledge money to support the shelter.

My co-workers were already donating cash and interacting with canines young and old.

During this, I livestreamed with Jodi Croft, one of Pulse Multi-Media’s sales ladies, appearing on our Mena Radio Facebook page (which you should totally check out) to encourage folks to tune in and donate to support the HSO. While doing this, Croft asked me how much money would have to be pledged before I adopted a dog today. The most reasonable answer I could think of was $500. The stage was set, and Teasedale and Povey heavily encouraged our listeners to meet the challenge.

About 10 minutes after my proposal, we already had $250 pledged to donate on the agreement of my adoption. Needless to say, I was sweating a little bit as I had not prepared to adopt a new dog. I had already picked out the dog I had a connection with and was already attached, so I decided to encourage the listeners as well.

As I came up to the mic to talk live, I saw Tina Ball, the HSO volunteer shelter director, through the window with a sticky note announcing that we had just gotten a single pledge of $500. I announced to the audience that it was a done deal.

My new child, a chiweenie (dachshund and chihuahua mix) they had named Friend, is a senior pup of about nine years old. He was Ball’s foster after she found him on the side of the road—dumped and left to die. When Friend was found, he had cleared out a little den of leaves and brush, where he waited for his owners to come back for him. He waited for about a week.

Now, however, he belongs to me and is already very well-loved. I have learned that he loves neck scratches, walks and sleeping on the bed. I have also learned that he doesn’t like being moved while he is sleeping on the bed and will let out a groan when you do so.

I named him Tesla, after Nikola Tesla, an early innovator who experimented with radio waves. Our doggy Tesla raised about $1,000 for the HSO, on top of the other $560 they had raised during the radio-thon. That along with the $6,700 that was donated prior to the show brought the total amount raised to about $8,260 total, all benefiting the HSO.


HSO’s is now accepting applications for its Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) available for the next clinic June 21-23 at Mena Elks Lodge!

Applications are available at, both printable or and you can fill out and submit online! Instructions are on the website.

Appointments MUST be made in advance. Call Denie for an appointment at 479-394-8001.

Space is limited, please call soon! 

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