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Pictured are (l to r): Shelly Collins and Linda Ray, members of the Polk County Republican Committee, working the straw poll booth at the fair.

Huckabee Wins Straw Poll

The Polk County Republican Party conducted a straw poll booth at the County Fair last week to see who Polk County thinks should be the next republican presidential candidate. With 15 different republican candidates to choose from, participants placed a straw in a cup with their favorite candidate’s picture on it. On Saturday, the straws were counted and former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, was the choice candidate with a total of 87 straws, or votes, cast in his favor. Donald Trump came in second with 60 straws and candidate Ben Carson received 51. Polk County Republican Party member Erma Mize said, “Approximately 13 hours were spent in conducting the Straw Poll for a total of 240 straws cast for the 15 Republican Presidential candidates to be narrowed down by the March Primary. It was fun for both workers and participants. It created a lot of interest and people really enjoyed it.”


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