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Jessie Curry – Protecting the County’s Future, One Child at a Time


Patrolman and Mena Public School’s new School Resource Officer, Jessie Curry, began his career with U.S. Motors, now Nidec, immediately after graduating from Acorn High School.  “I worked there for 33 years and when I left I was a tool room machinist.  I enjoy working with my hands and building things and I’m very proud of my career at U.S. Motors,” explained Officer Curry.

In 2000, Curry went to work as a Reserve Officer for the Mena Police Department and in 2009 was given the opportunity by then Police Chief Jimmy Doster, to work full time as a Patrolman.  “I’ve always liked the idea of helping people and I didn’t know that much about the law, with the exception of traffic laws, and I was interested in it and decided to get involved more extensively,” Officer Curry said.

Curry met his wife, Nelda, a Registered Nurse, while still in high school and they married 39 years ago.  “One of the things we decided on the first evening we were married, is to never go to bed mad.  We’ve seen a lot of sunrises come up, because everyone has problems, but we determined to work it out.  I worked two jobs to put her through nursing school and then she pushed me to do something to make me happier, to go into law enforcement.  We’ve been together longer than we have been apart,” said Curry with a smile.  The couple also has one son, Sean.

Recently, Officer Curry took over the position as School Resource Office for the Mena Public School District, a job of utmost importance for the local community.  “I patrol and walk through all four of the schools and I talk to the teachers.  If there is a problem at any school I am the guy they call.  I help out security and do any threat assessments.  I also go through lesson plans with teachers on what to do in an emergency.  I will also be at all of Mena’s home football games and two of the away games, and I make a presence at all volleyball and basketball games.  There is a lot to this new job and I’m taking classes to get the training I need in different areas, and I’m happy to do this and help the schools and the students in Mena,” Officer Curry explained.

“It is an unnerving time to be a police officer but I’m thankful to work in Mena.  We don’t have the trouble in our community that we have seen in other areas.  My family got me to Mena, but the longer I stay here it’s the people that keep me here.  They are the best people and it is a wonderful place to raise children.  I enjoy riding my motorcycle and fishing and hunting, also.  Being here for me is a godsend because of the community and becoming a police officer is my way of giving back to this great community,” said Officer Curry.

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