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Sacred Touch Massage & Bodyworks – Creating Wellness in You


Wendy Scott, Licensed Massage Therapist at Sacred Touch Massage and Bodyworks, moved to Mena from Las Vegas, Nevada after living there for 15 years and being raised in Southern California.  “In 2007 I moved to Mena, I had family here and it was time for a change, time to slow down,” explained Scott.  After moving to Arkansas and working as the Manager for Subway in Wal-Mart, Scott began working on what area she might be able to really help people.  She had started working on massage therapy while still living in Las Vegas and with the blessing of her family and her boss, she left her job at Subway and put all her focus into her calling in life, massage.  “I had started doing some soul searching and really wanted to do something that could make an impact and change lives.  For me, God is first and foremost and He is a God of second chances and He opened doors for me that shouldn’t have been opened.  My family really believes I have a gift of touch and healing and they stood behind me as I went to school full time.  I get to now be in the perfect will of God for my life and live my purpose.  If I can help change someone’s painful way of living into a wellness way of living and help them feel better, and have a better quality of life, then that’s what I want to do,” explained Scott.

Scott married her husband, Bill, or Buffalo to his friends, six years ago.  Bill has four children and Scott has the honor of being able to help parent them alongside him.  He also has his own business teaching martial arts at Ouachita Society of Martial Arts.  “In our marriage communication and the willingness to not always be right is very important, we also work hard to be selfless.  He is a wonderful husband and a great father,” said Scott.

When Scott completed massage school she went to work for Indulgence Salon for a year before relocating to her current location at Ouachita Wellness and Sports Center which is located at 400 F Crestwood Circle, beside Mena Regional Health System.  With a primary focus on pain relief, Scott’s motto is, “creating wellness in you – one massage at a time,” and is working towards her master’s in massage with the belief that the higher her level of learning, the more people she can help.  She works with TMJ patients, Myofascial Release, Orthopedic Medical Massage, Trigger Point, Swedish, Hot or Cold Stone, Cupping, Cellulite Massage, Aroma Touch Technique, Chair Massage, Facials, Heat Therapy and Paraffin Wax. Scott works on several local doctors and often they send their patients to her for pain relief.

Aiding in her massage, Scott puts a strong focus on DoTerra Essential Oils.  “While in massage school, I was receiving a student massage and the lady put oil on a cotton ball and put it on my face and the breakthrough and emotional release that I had triggered a thought of ‘how can I use this to help other people?’ I got involved with DoTerra because I feel like they are the highest quality and I use them for relaxation and pain relief.  They have a great therapeutic value and I fell in love with them,” Scott explained.

Scott enjoys horseback riding, jet skiing, and learning, and hopes to impact more people in the future by becoming a certified personal trainer.  Scott and her husband are highly involved with their church, Penuel Assembly of God.  “The people in Polk County are awesome.  I kind of feel like I fit in here, from the city to the country, how bizarre,” said Scott with a laugh.  “I had to move to Mena to find my purpose and my husband.”  To make an appointment with Scott call 479.394.7979 or 479.234.5464.

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