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JR Graphics and J&J Tire


Jimmie and Jeannie Jordan own an odd combination of businesses, but somehow it seems to work. Jeannie owns J.R Graphics, and Jimmie runs his longtime business called J&J Tire and Lube – all located in a building about a mile south of Cove on Highway 71 South.

Jimmie was born and raised in Hatton but finished his schooling at Wickes. He moved to Mena in 1961 and worked for the City as a police officer for many years. Later he worked for Mena Oil.

“I bought out one of the Mena Oil partners, Jack Rose, and the other partner, Jim Hicks, and I had Mena Oil and Tire,” he explained. “I drove logging trucks and worked in a service station in Mena and I had chicken houses and farmed over those years, but in 1989 I put in Jim’s Tires in Hatfield. I ran that until 2004 when I opened my present business, J&J Tire and Lube.”


Jimmie explained that J&J Tires and Lube offers more than its name. They offer wheel balancing, complete service work on automobiles, brakes, alternators, generators, shocks, oil changes, and more. For the big rigs they specialize in tires, brakes, and servicing wheel seals, and suspension work.

“I been here in this county doing this kind of work somewhere, someplace for the last 50 years,” he said. “I have built a reputation on my work and that’s why people come to trust ‘Big Jim.’

In 1998 Jimmie met and married Jeannie, his wife. Jeannie was born in Oregon but raised in Oklahoma. After high school she joined the Air Force for six years. In 1998 she came to Cove to be with her mother. It was then that she met Jimmie.

“I worked at The Union Bank for a while, and for PSP Graphics, and that’s where I got my background in the graphics business,” she explained. “But Jim needed me to help him with his growing tire and repair business. To make it work for both of us I opened my graphics business in a small part of our building in 2006.

“I do full color license plates, trophies, plaques, awards, and I print designs on clothing,” she explained. “I do color photos on mugs or other items – any picture you can find on the computer – and I do designs on mouse pads, and various awards for sports, schools, etc. My motto is, ‘let me personalize your life.’ I do lots of signs, hats, and I do a number of the awards for area schools like Cove, Grannis, and Wickes. I offer engraved plaques as well and have done work for U.S. Motors and the local chamber of commerce.”

Jeannie added that she offers competitive prices and quality work, and her customers get what they want. If it’s not right, she will make it right. Satisfaction is her goal. Both businesses can be reached at the joint number of 479-234-3283.

“I’m here because this is home, my family is here, and this is my place,” Jimmie said. “I’ve made a good living here and had a good life, and this is where I want to be.”

Jeannie added, “I’ve lived in a lot of places, from Florida, to Boston, and downtown D.C., but moving back here was like coming home, and it hasn’t changed. It’s still a great place to live.”