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Jury finds child molester guilty

Stacked sentence puts abuser behind bars

By Jeri Pearson

A jury suggested a stacked sentence for Michael McCormick, age 57 of Grannis, for Rape and Sexual Abuse in the First Degree last week.

Judge Andy Riner moved forward with the jury’s recommendation and sentenced McCormick for 30 years and 20 years consecutively, after the jury deliberated for a swift 18 minutes. 

Prosecuting Attorney Jason Barrett and Chief Deputy Debra Buschman tried the case.

“They did an outstanding job trying a very difficult case,” Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer said. 

“In this case the defendant was over the age of 18 the victim was under the age of 14 and touched various locations on the victim’s body, which is sexual abuse in the first degree,” Buschman explained and noted the case was sealed by Riner because the victim is a juvenile.

“That means we can’t disclose facts about the case,” Buschman said. “The victim was very brave in his/her testimony and told his/her story to the jury.”

Buschman said this was the first jury trial held in Polk County in several months due to COVID.

“We are thankful to jurors who came out and restored the system to its full capacity,” Buschman said. 

McCormick will not be eligible for parole until after serving 70 percent of the rape and the sexual abuse in the first degree sentences, approximately in 2044. 

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