Breaking News Helping Law Enforcement Recover Stolen Merchandise


Local law enforcement is having success from using a new online program that helps them to track stolen items that are pawned at stores anywhere in the U.S.  The new innovative service offers a massive online database, in which all pawn dealers are required to register items at Police Departments can then search the database for stolen items.

Detective Brandon Martin of the Mena Police Department said there is no limit to the merchandise that can be registered: guns, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, etc., and he said, the service is a tremendous resource also for individuals because they can create their own accounts and register their merchandise as well.  “In the event that their house is broken into, they can simply go online to report those items, that will have photos and description information, to us.”

The service is beneficial to businesses, which are typically required by law to report their transactions to law enforcement, by making reporting easier and more efficient. From secondhand dealers, pawnshops, and gold buyers to pharmacies and scrap metal dealers, the reporting process is simplified.

The vast majority of the transactions taking place in those businesses are completely legitimate, but reporting laws exist because a relative few are related to criminal activity on the part of the customer or some other party.

LeadsOnline is the link between investigators and missing items or individuals who may turn out to be instrumental in solving a homicide, finding a meth lab, or getting stolen property back to its rightful owner.

There is no cost, Martin said, to individuals listing items but police departments pay a subscription to access and search the database.

He said in less than 90-days of using the service, the department has been successful in recovering several thousands of dollars in stolen items.

Martin said this is one of those circumstances that is a “win-win” for everyone involved and is encouraging residents to take the time to list their items. For more information, click this link: