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Local Station Sells Diesel as Gasoline by Mistake


Customers of Northside Super Stop in Mena, on the corner of Highway 71 and Morrow Street, who purchased gas from approximately 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6 through the morning of Wednesday, September 7 actually pumped diesel into their tanks.

Northside Super Stop and Ligon Oil Company owner Ronnie Wagner explained that the error was made by a new driver who was not overly familiar with the facility and dropped 1,500 gallons of diesel into the gasoline tanks.  Wagner said as soon as he was notified that customers were experiencing mechanical issues by the store manager at 7 a.m. on Wednesday morning, they investigated the issue and determined the cause and immediately locked the pumps up so no further sales could be made.

The store also immediately went to social media to notify customers of the error and provided contact information so they could assist customers with repairs.

“We feel terrible,” said Wagner, “and know what an inconvenience this is for our customers. Even though we’re covering all repairs, we know that it’s just such an inconvenience for people… they’ve got kiddos to get to school and they’ve got work and this just puts them in a bad bind.  We are very sorry and are doing all we can to take good care of our customers, we value them!”

It is estimated that 45-55 vehicles were affected.

Newer vehicles have sensors and will detect the issue promptly. In most cases, an oil change, new filters and draining the tank and replacing with good gasoline resolves the issue.

Customers who have been affected are encouraged to either contact Debbie at 479-394-1130 at the station or the insurance adjuster, Craig A. Ollek at 469-221-7981 to file a claim.

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