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Lost Load in Wickes Results in 8 Misdemeanors, including DWI


A Wickes man was arrested on Monday, July 21, after officers received several calls of a motorist losing large pieces of scrap metal from the trailer he was hauling behind his pick-up truck along Hwy. 278 east of Wickes.

Gerald Watkins, 37, was traveling along Hwy. 278 when Cossatot River State Park Ranger Will Strain located and apprehended him until Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies could respond. Watkins was then transported to the Polk County Detention Center.

Watkins is charged with a total of 8 misdemeanors including: DWI, Speeding, Following Too Close, Careless and Prohibited Driving, Driving Left of  Center, No Seatbelt, Refusal to Submit to Arrest, and Littering.

Watkins was able to post his $2,138 bond on Thursday evening and will be required to make an appearance in court on September 12 for arraignment.


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