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Lyle Wins Acorn Constable Race


screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-4-17-01-pmThe Acorn Constable Run-Off election was held Tuesday, November 29th, and Kris Lyle was declared the winner with 80% of the vote. The Acorn Constable race started out with four contenders, none of which got the required 50% plus one votes on General Election Day, November 8th, causing a run-off between two candidates, Lyle and Frank Moore.

Lyle was the incumbent candidate and has served the position since 2000, with one brief break. “I took office of Acorn Constable in 2000 and was beat by Val Reed in 2004. I took it back in 2006 and have had it since then,” explained Lyle.

“I’ve always enjoyed serving the public, as I have my hands in a lot of different titles… Acorn Constable, Acorn Assistant Fire Chief, Acorn Fire Department Director, first responder, and reserve deputy for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Though this is a voluntary position, I see it as an opportunity to serve my community. The pay/reward is in knowing the community continues to put their trust in me.”

Lyle will be sworn in January along with the rest of this year’s incoming elected officials.


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