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McDonald’s to Sponsor Junior OLT Christmas Play


A local favorite has come to the aid of another local favorite. One local favorite is the Junior Ouachita Little Theatre (JOLT), the group of kids ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, who participate in acting workshops and plays throughout the year.  They are performing their Christmas Variety Play this year, which consists of 2 plays, The Gift of the Magi and A Hillbilly Christmas Carol, plus some other short skits on December 6-8 and 13-15, the result of a series of two Fall acting workshops provided by the adult branch of the OLT.

The other favorite is McDonald’s, which is sponsoring the workshops and play with a combination of Happy Meals and financial support to JOLT. Tim Hesse, OLT Board President, and this Fall’s Adult Workshop/Play Advisor, Scotty Jenkins, a McDonald’ employee, approached Charlie Brown, the local McDonald’s owner, with a proposal for the sponsorships and he generously agreed.

The proposal included sponsorship of the two Fall 2013 acting workshops, plus the December 2013 JOLT holiday play, with 6 performances. McDonald’s has provided Happy Meals for a Character Development Workshop on Nov. 2, and will provide chicken nuggets, French fries, and drink coupons for a Set Development and Theater Decoration Workshop on Nov. 30.

In addition Mr. Brown presented Jenkins with a check to sponsor the cost of scripts and royalties, paint for the set, costumes, makeup, and bottled water for backstage during performances.

“We really appreciate what McDonald’s is doing for us,” said Hesse. “We support organizations like McDonald’s, in return for their sponsorship, with prominent recognition in the play program, promotional posters, newspaper articles and news releases, radio promotions, and the recorded announcements at the beginning of each performance. We encourage any local business or social organization to follow McDonalds lead with their sponsorship support of the OLT.”

Tickets for the performances of the JOLT Christmas Variety Play are $8, $5 for students and seniors, 60 and over, available at the door 45 minutes before each performance, and by advance reservation, by calling the OLT Info Line, (479) 243-0186.