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Legacy Monuments – Recording in Stone


The expression, “written in stone,” has a sense of power and finality about it, because, let’s face it, once you get it in stone, it’s there to stay. That’s a large part of what Legacy Monuments is about, but it’s not all to do with final resting places. The company has a lighter side as well – designing and engraving items for landscape decoration, road markers, home building, and more.

Legacy Monuments, is owned by Kris and Mindy Lyle, it’s a family business that their four sons, Nick, Drew, Tyler & Matt, help in as well.

Kris was born and raised in Polk County, and graduated from Acorn High School in 1995. He worked at his parents’ salvage yard and later became involved in the family quarry business, in Octavia. He met his wife Mindy, in 1997 and they were married in the later part of that year.

Mindy’s father was in the military for a good portion of his life, but they came back to Mena and she grew up here. She graduated from Lakeview Christian School in 1996. Today she is a teacher Bethel Christian School.

In 2008 the family opened a quarry business and sold rock for landscaping, decoration, and home building, but a year ago they went into cutting, carving, and engraving rock for everything from headstones to driveway markers. They work with traditional granite and other varieties of natural stone.

“Our business in locally owned and operated, and we offer hundreds of designs – both standard and personalized, with just about anything a person wants,” Mindy Lyle explained. “We do everything from carving local ball teams, like the Razorback image into stone, to seasonal designs. Kris can cut a pumpkin out of stone if that’s what you want. We also offer stone benches and of course, traditional grave markers for people and pets.”

“If you bring us a design we will do our best to reproduce that,” Kris added. “And we offer payment plans on our services. We know people often come to us when they’re dealing with difficult times. We try to be as understanding and helpful as possible, and our goal is to offer something that will provide a memory for years to come, at the best price possible.”

The Lyles have also been the local U-Haul dealer for years, and they still offer that service in conjunction with their stone business.  It’s a family business and the Lyles look forward to their sons carrying on the company with them.

“We hope to be a part of this community for years to come,” Mindy added.

Both Kris and Mindy are active in the community. Kris is involved in a renowned musical group called “The Witness Quartet.” He has sung with the group for over 22 years as they have performed throughout Arkansas and Texas.

“It’s not just music to us, it’s a ministry for Jesus Christ,” he added. “And it has influenced my life greatly.”

Mindy is the assistant youth leader of the Regeneration youth group, and has been working with youth and children’s ministry for over a decade. “I have a heart for teenagers, and I love working with the young people in my church – helping them grow in Christ,” she added.

While monuments are their business, they are both obviously in the process of building small monuments to their faith, all around them. You can contact Legacy Monuments at 394-2341 or through their Facebook page at