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Mena High School Students Tries Out for Regional VIII All-Regional Band

Several students from the Mena High School Band recently tried out for the Region VIII All-Region Band, with several earning chairs.

Those students who earned a position in the All Region Band are:

Katlin Looney- Flute, 3rd band, 3rd Chair; Telissa Smith- Bass Clarinet, 3rd band, 1st chair; David Chaney- Tenor Saxophone, 2nd band, 2nd chair; Daniel Green- Tenor Saxophone, Alternate; Brynn Harvey- Baritone Saxophone, 2nd band, 2nd chair; Trey Brown- Trumpet, 2nd band, 8th chair; Alex Cude- Trumpet, 3rd band, 1st chair; Fisher Neufeld- Trombone, Alternate; Robert Johnson- Bass Trombone, Alternate; Mark Delord- Bass Trombone, 2nd Alternate; Christopher Thompson- Baritone, 2nd band, 4th chair; Jarred Harley- Percussion, 2nd band, 11th chair.

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