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Mena Water Department Clarifies Confusion on Billing Message

[MENA] Included with the September water bills, Mena Water Utilities included a message about replacement cost of meters and meter lids.  Due to the space constraints of the message area, some customers have had additional questions.  In an effort to increase the signal reliability of the radios that read the meters, Mena Water changed the lids on the water meter boxes from cast iron to plastic.  While the plastic is fine in most circumstances, it does not withstand fire from leaves or brush burned on it.

Also, as the prices of metals have skyrocketed in the last few years, manufacturers of meters have developed meters that have plastic instead of brass bodies.  These also do not withstand excessive heat from fire.  Additionally, the plastic meter bodies may not withstand excessively cold temperatures, so it is important that the lid stay secure during the winter months.  Customers that have lids that will not stay on due to rain events or high-traffic areas can contact the office for other options such as a locking mechanism in the lid or a heavier duty lid.

For more information, customers can contact Mena Water Utilities at 479-394-2761.


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