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MRHS Honored for Quality


[MENA]  The Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care, at the 2014 Annual Quality Conference, recognized Mena Regional Health System with the presentation of three awards.  The hospital was recognized for their 0% for over a year catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI); the hospital works hard to decrease the use of urinary catheters and any complications that arise from their use.

The MRHS Women’s Service Department and physicians were recognized for their commitment to the elimination of Early Elective Delivery and Breastfeeding Promotion.  Mena Regional Health System has had a 0% early elective delivery rate for over a year; delivery of babies after the pregnancy has reached 39 weeks provides the best outcomes and helps to avoid life-threatening complications.  During the last year, MRHS has worked with the community, physician clinics and their patients to improve the number of mothers breastfeeding their infants by 10%.  Breastfeeding helps babies develop immunity to illnesses and provides quality nutrition.  Mena Regional Health System is committed to provide quality patient- centered care.



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