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New Metal Bleachers Being Installed at Rodeo Arena


Volunteers worked at the Polk County Rodeo Arena installing new metal bleachers on the east side of the arena just in time for the kick-off of the 60th Annual Polk County Rodeo.

Polk County Fair Board President John Puckett said they would be complete in time for the first night of the rodeo.

Damaged boards on the west side bleachers were repaired but will not be replaced with metal before the rodeo. Puckett explained that repairs to the west side will be much more extensive. “They’ll have to be completely tore out and have some dirt work done before the new metal bleachers could be installed.”

The Hunter’s Draw fundraising efforts have produced 12 winners thus far and the money necessary to make the much needed bleacher improvements.  The community has shown once again what makes it great, pulling together in a time of need to preserve places and events that are important to the entire area.

Puckett said there are still 40 chances left to win and the Association is counting on the community’s much needed continued support.


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