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NWS Confirmed Monday Storm Spawned EF1 Tornado


Polk County Office of Emergency Service Manager James Reeves reported that the National Weather Service has confirmed this afternoon that an early Monday morning severe thunderstorm did spawn an EF1 tornado responsible for minor structural damage, power outages, and blocked roadways.

Reeves said the storm that rolled through the county began around 4:30 a.m., knocking  power out from Hatfield all the way through Rocky communities. “They confirmed the damage west of Hatfield as a severe thunder storm. The storm continued northeast following Polk 40, as the storm crossed Polk 48, it turned tornadic producing an EF-1 tornado that continued NE to west of Rocky were it destroyed the hay barn pictured, crossed Hwy 8 West doing roof damage to a home on Polk 47 and then down Polk 125 before ending at the end of Lehmann Lane.” Early assessments show that the tornado was only ¼ to ½ mile wide at its widest point.

Reeves said that the county road behind Lake Wilhelmina over to Lehmann Lane sustained the most damage and was the last road that crews were able to open up Monday evening.

A large portion of power was restored by mid-morning Monday but complete power to all customers was not restored until Monday evening.

There were no injuries reported.




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  1. There is no Polk 245 behind Lake Wilhelmina. Polk 125 goes from Hwy 8 W , crosses the dam, then winds beside Lake Wilhelmina. From there it makes a left and ends at Hwy 47.

    According to your comments we were right in the middle of it. The carport landed behind the truck and did not hit it. Many trees down including beautiful pear tree. No damage to house, garage or guest house Praise the Lord for keeping us safe.

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