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Selected Sidewalks Receiving Necessary Repairs


The City of Mena continues its efforts to repair devastation delivered by a tornado that ripped through town on April 9, 2009. Sidewalks on the west side of town are the newest recipients of FEMA monies as work has begun to repair the rest of the damage that was left in the wake of that fateful day.

As this week’s rain has delayed work, the Mayor’s office released the locations of areas that are on the list to receive new or repaired sidewalks. Work began last Thursday to fix sidewalks located on Magnolia Street. The locations, which are in no specific order, are as follows:

Handi-cap ramps are to be installed on 7th and Church Streets, 8th and Hickory, 8th and Port Arthur (3 ramps), 9th and Church, 9th and Hickory, and 10th and Walnut; on 7th Street, from Church to Walnut, 420 ft. of sidewalk and 24 ft. on Hickory and 7th  Streets; on 8th Street, from Hickory to Walnut, 140 ft. and on 8th, from Church to Port Arthur, 162 ft.; on 9th Street, from Port Arthur to Magnolia, 208 ft. and on 10th Street, from Magnolia to Walnut, 62 ft.

The sidewalks to be repaired were designated by FEMA in 2010. The last FEMA payment for rebuilding and repairing was received in 2012 and the state aid portion was received in 2013.


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