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O’Brien Named as New Mena Senior High Head Basketball Coach


Mena School District Superintendent Benny Weston has announced Aaron O’Brien as the new head coach for the Mena Senior High Boys Basketball program. O’Brien will replace Bobby Tedder, who has accepted another position at another district. Tedder is featured as The Pulse Citizen of the Week on page 12 of this issue.

O’Brien, who started his position last Monday, has an extensive coaching background that spans over 19 years and he is excited to begin the “newest era of his life” at Mena High School. Appointed as Head Senior High Boys Basketball Coach, O’Brien will coach only the senior high boys’ program but will teach in the classroom as well.

When asked about his plans for the MHS basketball program he stated, “My goal is to have the boys competitive at a state level as quick as possible. The biggest challenge is to develop confidence and the desire to excel.” He added, “After one week of practice the boys are already working hard and doing what I’m asking to get to that point.”

Superintendent Benny Weston said MHS will be sad to see Tedder go but looks forward to the new things O’Brien will bring to the sports program. “We appreciate Coach Tedder for what he’s done for our program and we wish him the best of luck now that he’s decided to make this move. With every departure, we feel like it’s our obligation to do our best to take steps forward and we try and do that with each new hire. We certainly feel like O’Brien fits that bill and we look forward to what he’s going to bring to our program.”


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