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Officials have Issued a Scam Alert!

Local Law Enforcement Have Issued the Following Scam Alert:

In the aftermath of the ice storm, crews are moving into our area to assist with the clean-up.  Most of these people are legitimate in their business.  Some are local and others are from outside of our area.  Unfortunately, we are already seeing some of these folks that are scam artists and are taking advantage of our community.

If anyone approaches you about providing services for clean-up and/or removal of limbs, trees, debris, or anything of this nature for a fee, please be careful what you agree to.  Ask for references, ask for a contract or some type of agreement in writing, and ask for proof that they are bonded.  Any contractor that is working within the Mena city limits should be bonded through Mena City Hall.  Contact them to inquire if that particular person(s) is actually supposed to be operating within the city.  You can also contact the Better Business Bureau with concerns.

If you do agree to have work done with any of these crews, do not pay for work up front, before the service is actually performed.  You may also want to contact your insurance company beforehand to see exactly what they will cover.

As always, just be careful.  Things that sound too good to be true usually are.  If anyone seems to be intimidating or harassing, call local law enforcement.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office 479-394-2511   or   Mena Police Department 479-394-1212.