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By Steven E Stillwell

LET’S GO BACK IN TIME. Does anyone remember the television survival program, Doomsday Preppers? This captivating series had all kinds of hypothetical scenarios that people were preparing for such as; nuclear war, terrorists attacks, volcanic eruptions, civil unrest, pandemics, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the apocalypse to name just a few. The world is a volatile place, and it never hurts to anticipate potential dangers, because anything is possible. When Wal-Mart and all of the other retail stores ran out of toilet paper; I wonder how many folks suffered the consequences, because they didn’t have extra supplies? Isn’t it silly how one humble commodity caused an uproar catching millions of Americans by surprise? Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing empty shelves on every other isle! 

I’ve always enjoyed listening to TALK-RADIO SHOWS, and for years, I’d hear some of the experts predict financial woes and the potential of an economic collapse. The 2008 stock-market crash certainly took its toll, and lots of hard working Americans lost millions of dollars in their 401k, retirement plans. Tangible assets like silver, gold, and platinum always do extremely well when fiat currencies are in trouble, so it’s wise to diversify your portfolio and keep these things stashed away in a safe place, under lock and key. When the economy is booming, and the nation is stable, safety deposit boxes are fine, but what if your financial institution closes its doors because of an unforeseen emergency, and you need to make a withdrawal? As the old saying goes; DON’T KEEP ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET.   

THIS IS HOW TO GET STARTED. The best advice I can offer the aspiring survivalist is to visualize what you’d need if you lost electrical service for a prolonged period of time! Think about how you’d survive? Campfire cooking is great, but a portable, Coleman camp stove is easier, quicker and more convenient to use, especially if you live in town. What about lights, how will you see when it’s dark? Flashlights, oil lamps, and solar powered, rechargeable battery packs with LED light bulbs are the best options. Stocking up on supplies takes time, so you have to make a commitment to purchase certain items every payday. When you do this, you’ll be surprised at how much gear you can accumulate in a short period. Food, water, shelter, and self defense will always be your primary concerns when it comes to survival. 

A GOOD RUN IS BETTER THAN A BAD STAND. Should you bug-out, or hunker down and stay in your home; I hear this question a lot? My answer is always the same, it depends on the circumstances. If you perceive that trouble is headed in your direction, GET OUT OF DODGE CITY; if not, be prepared to defend your castle against all of the passive threats!

 IN SPITE OF THE WARNINGS, when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, Louisiana, most of the citizens who failed to evacuate suffered the consequences. A close friend of mine, a Federal law enforcement officer, whom I’ve known since I was in middle school, was dispatched to that area. In confidence, he shared things with me that CNN, FOX News, and other National media outlets failed to report. In certain areas, the gangs took over, and it was literally a combat zone. Snipers were taking potshots at the local police officers, and it was too risky to venture into these disputed territorial boundaries. The KINGPINS had the upper hand, automatic weapons, plenty of ammunition, fire-superiority, and they knew it. The cops couldn’t negotiate with them, and when they tried, the gang leaders dictated the rules. Eventually the National Guard was dispatched to these HOT-ZONES to quell the violence, and they ended up disarming the wrong people. When they were finished, the local citizens were virtually helpless. While all of this was transpiring, THE GANGS SEEMINGLY VANISHED INTO THIN AIR.

REMEMBER, IT’S AN EVER-CHANGING WORLD. The sole purpose of this article was to inspire you to think, prepare, and to formulate a survival plan to protect your family. So the question remains; WILL THERE EVER BE A DOOMSDAY SCENARIO? The answer is YES, because NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, including this world, planets, solar systems, death-stars, dying suns, and exploding Supernovas. 

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