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Polk County Spelling Bee Winners


Correctly spelling the word “mosque,” Acorn student Allison Nichols earned the title of Polk County Spelling Bee Champion in competition held Thursday, January 16, at the Wickes Auditorium sponsored annually by Union Bank of Mena.

1st Grade – 1st Place, Olivia Latham – Louise Durham Elementary

2nd Place, Bradley Wade – Van Cove Elementary

2nd Grade – 1st Place, Kenzie Daniels – Acorn Elementary

2nd Place, Omar Cecillio – Wickes Elementary

3rd Grade – 1st Place, Dusty Davis – Holly Harshman Elementary

2nd Place, Abby Smith – Holly Harshman Elementary

4th Grade – 1st Place, Raeghan Weddle – Acorn Elementary

2nd Place, Annika Thompson – Holly Harshman Elementary

5th Grade – 1st Place, Autumn Strother – Acorn Elementary

2nd Place, Abby McIntyre – Van Cove Elementary

6th Grade – 1st Place, Sixto Aguilar, Cossatot River

2nd Place, Hannah Ward, Van Cove Elementary

7th Grade – 1st Place, Shanna Johnson, Cossatot River

2nd Place, Kinsey Ferguson, Cossatot River

8th Grade – 1st Place, Allison Nichols, Acorn High School

2nd Place, Caitlin Pollard, Cossatot River

Overall – Allison Nichols

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