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Reisig releases newest book in “On the Road to Key West” series


In what may well be “the best yet,” the 12th book of Michael Reisig’s “Road To Key West” series offers white knuckle airplane crashes, wild lustful Amazonians, bungled bank thefts, river pirates, remarkable dogs and hawks, an ancient crystal skull, diamond thieves, drug lords, and an amazing “Animal Man.” If this book doesn’t keep you turning the pages, you need life support.

Reisig says of his new one: “’Gods, Guns, And Money’  is a wild adventure that carries the reader from South Florida, into the Caribbean, down to South America, and back again. Intertwined through the read are the questions we ask ourselves when we look up at the stars, as well as a theme that explores the remarkable connection we often share with some of the creatures that experience this planet with us. Everything in between is just heart-hammering, page-ripping action. It’s very close to my favorite novel in this series. Also, what makes this an attractive read is that it’s a ‘stand alone’ book. You don’t need to have read the entire series to enjoy it.”

Gods, Guns, and Money On The Road To Key West is now available on Amazon (Kindle version $3.99 and Paperback $12.99).

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