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Remembering Hearts Forever Meetings & Events


Remembering Hearts Forever is a beautiful organization, started by Diane Mathis, mother of Susan Mathis, in 2008.  They meet often and were established, specifically for parents, grandparents and siblings who have lost a child, any age, any cause.  According to Jayne Richmond, mother of Jason Richmond, “The group works [similar to a support system] to allow the memories of their loved ones to be shared amongst people who have experienced similar circumstances.  It aides in the healing process and helps keep their memories alive.” 

The group is comprised mostly of mothers but welcomes fathers, grandparents and siblings, “I think men grieve differently than women, they are menders and fixers and they can’t fix us.  We are broken and they can’t put us back together,” stated Rosanna Youngblood, mother of Kristopher Youngblood.  Together the group meets with others who know how they feel, so they do not feel alone.

Remembering Hearts Forever meets together throughout the year in the Union Bank Community Room.  The meeting dates for this year are: Thursday, April 24; Saturday, May 10; Saturday June 14; Thursday, August 21; Thursday, October 16; and Sunday, December 14.  Saturday, May 14 will be a special Butterfly Release in the Memorial Garden at the Court House.  The butterfly is a symbol of renewal of life and will be free to all parents, grandparents and siblings.  In order to purchase the correct amount of butterflies anyone interested must call Diane Mathis at 479.243.0191 before May 10.

They will also have a booth at Lum and Abner to give cookies for donations and to inform the community of their purpose.  There is also an account set up at Union Bank to receive donations.

On Saturday, June 14 at the Janssen Park gazebo there will be a balloon release beginning at 12 pm.  “There is just something about writing their name on a balloon or saying their name that helps bring them back in to people’s memory,” explained Charie Mabry, mother of Shauna Mabry.

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