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Road and Sidewalk Projects Gain Approval from City Council

(MENA)  Members of Mena City Council reviewed bids received on the 2019 sidewalk improvement program.

Of the three bids received, one was disqualified for lack of required information needed. The other two bids came in a t $45,542, submitted by Tri-County Services and $46,227.10, submitted by Glenaire Construction. Council decided to go with the low bid submitted by Tri-County Services for the project that will see new sidewalks in various portions of the city.

Council is awaiting approval of a much larger grant to replace sidewalks on Janssen Avenue between 4th Street and Cherry Streets in the city.

Council also approved the additional expenditure of $4273.68 in regards to the resurfacing and repair work done to Fairgrounds Road. The road work was a cost-share project with Polk County.

City leaders also approved amending the 2019 budget. The basis of the amending of the budget is a typical procedure, shifting monies that were initially anticipated to another line item. The overall budget anount doesn’t change with the re-allocation of monies.

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