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Roxanne Aleshire – Bringing Salvation to the Salvation Army


Everyone needs a little salvation – sometimes it comes directly from spirit and sometimes it’s as simple as a little help with an electric bill or some canned food and a clean shirt. As a devoutly faithful Christian, Roxanne Aleshire puts her faith in God every day, but now, as the new director of the Salvation Army in Mena, she brings that faith to work with her – helping out those who need a helping hand and efficiently operating our local Salvation Army Store.

Aleshire was born and raised in Hot Springs, Ark., where her father worked as a contractor. She met her husband, Michael, in 1991, after he had just returned from the Gulf War. They were married in 1994. Michael was raised in Mena, so in 2000, they moved to his hometown. He manages the Acorn Rural Water Company. They have three children.

“I worked in several different businesses in Mena but I hadn’t actually found a fit for me,” Aleshire said. “When I saw the opening at The Salvation Army I prayed to God about it. I said, ‘If this is where you want me, then you’ll make it happen.’ And He did. I got the job. I decided I would do this not for my gain but for His glory. I took over on July 30.

“To me this is not just a job, it’s a way to reach people in all areas of life,” she explained. “To give them hope to make it through another day. When God put me here I had no idea the ministry position I would be in, and I realize it isn’t me but God in me that has allowed this. I want to say that He has changed my life and my heart and my mind, through that intimate relationship with him – that moment by moment relationship, and this position gives me the chance to serve Him. I see a lot bigger picture for this place. God wants you to know that his Son, Jesus, gave up his life so that people could have that ultimate relationship with Him, no matter where you are in life.

“I think it’s important to know that all the profits of this Salvation Army Store benefit the people of Polk County,” Aleshire continued. “It all stays right here. I believe God has a much bigger plan than I can contain for this area. Mena is a very special place and God wants all his people to know that he is here and he is using me in this position to bless people.

“The Salvation Army was an evangelical organization dedicated to bringing people a meaningful relationship with God through Christ,” Aleshire explained. “It is composed of persons who are united by the love of God and man, who share a common purpose of bringing others to Jesus Christ. The word ‘salvation’ indicates the overall purpose of the organization to motivate all people to embrace the salvation provided to them in Christ. The word ‘army’ indicates that the organization is a fighting force. The Salvation Army here in Mena wants to represent Jesus in what we are doing. So, please help us! We provide food, clothing, housing assistance, care in medical emergencies, and utility assistance, and I believe God desires all that to grow because right now we are limited and God is limitless. I could not do what I do here without God, and family, and my volunteers, and the community. And remember that charity covers a multitude of sin, and also remember God is waiting for you and he forgives. So lets pull together and make a real difference in the hearts of God’s people here in Mena.

“To me, Mena is a very special town,” Aleshire added. “It took me a couple of years to realize that, but now I can call it home. The people here are so giving and loving, and they have helped to make me what I am now.”

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