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Run for the Son Raises Over $4 Million


This year’s national Christian Motorcyclists Association rally was a huge success that raised more than $4 million dollars for their Run for the Son fundraiser, helping to spread the word of God across the globe.

Run for the Son is the only fundraiser held for CMA to fund their international efforts and in total they raised $4,491,668.55, a 0.7% increase over last year. Members raise money throughout the year by incorporating sponsors and hosting smaller fundraisers such as selling hot dogs at Atwoods. CMA’s Holly Ogden explained that they give away 60% of the money raised through Run for the Son to their three ministry partners, which each receive 20%. The Jesus Film Project which translates The Jesus Film into indigenous languages, Open Doors which supports the persecuted church, and Missionary Ventures, who provides transportation for pastors and evangelists. The remaining 40% goes towards home missions, evangelist training, and CMA international efforts.

There were 832 members in attendance at the rally from across the U.S. During the rally, event goers were able to see the fruits of their labor first hand by seeing the first motorcycle that was given away through Missionary Ventures in 1987.

Pastor Tomas, as he is known, brought the motorcycle and presented it back to CMA. He has since received a second motorcycle to continue his ministry in the remote regions of Guatemala. “Pastor Tomas was able to attend and say thank you. It was amazing to see what God has done through him and that motorcycle through Missionary Ventures,” said Ogden.


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