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School Resource Officers Complete Basic Police Training

[MENA]  Deputy Clint Bell, School Resource Officer at the Cossatot River School District, and Deputy Justin Wagner, School Resource Officer at the Ouachita River School District, of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office were two of 70 officers who participated in Basic Police Training Class 2014-A at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy in East Camden, Arkansas.

The twelve week, 480 hour course, which began January 5, 2014 included instruction in standard police tactics, firearms, legal, educational, technical skills, and practical exercises.  In each course, emphasis is placed upon the officer achieving excellence in both academic subjects and firearms training.  An officer must maintain an academic score of at least 70% on each examination, and consistently fire at least 80% during firearms training exercises to successfully complete all phases of the course.

Graduation ceremonies were conducted March 28, 2014, at 10:00 A.M., at the Hampton High School Gym.

These deputies were hired as part of a cooperative agreement between the Sheriff’s Office and the schools of Polk County.  Their duty stations are the Cossatot River and the Ouachita River School Districts, where they serve the majority of their work day.  They are, however, fully certified and accredited officers that can be called on to perform any duty in the county that any other full-time deputy could perform.


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