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Sociable Seniors Group Produces Laughter and Friendship


The Polk County Sociable Seniors met Wednesday at Papa’s Mexican Café for their monthly luncheon. Diane Mathis, and husband Ken, began the group after moving to Mena in May 2007. Mathis said, “We didn’t know anyone here. We don’t have family, children, or co-workers here so we needed a way to meet people.”

They held their first meeting in August 2007 and still have some of the original crew with them. There were 35 in attendance Wednesday but the group sometimes has 50 or more gather for great food and fun times.

Each month, Mathis has a question prepared for the group to answer. This month, it was, “If you could be any fictional character who would you be & why?” Each question allows the group to get to know a fun part of each other.

Mary Bob Hindelang lived in Mena until 1947 when she and her parents moved to Texas. Always longing to ‘come back home’ she made the move back 3 months ago. However, she has no family left and needed something to do. “I saw it in the paper and one day I heard Diane talking in the store about the group so I asked her about it. She began sending me emails about the luncheons. I am meeting people and making friends. Without family this is so important. It’s a blessing,” stated Hindelang.

This month, as part of the fun, Oscar Sanchez of Papa’s gave $5 prizes to those who told the best jokes. Many members of the group described the great times they have had and the wonderful people they have met. The group mostly meets in Mena; however, they have plans to travel to Glenwood next month to gather at Little Italy, unless inclement weather occurs. If you are interested in joining the fun and becoming a part of the group, you can contact Diane Mathis at 479-243-0191.


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  1. I am trying to locate Mary Hindelang of Mena, Arkansas. I am distantly related (through Catherine Hopkins Davis Gray 1812-1880). I would like to see if she can help me with an old picture. I understand she belongs to a sociable senior group. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Karen Legarra

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