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Stand-off Results in Fatality

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took a report of harassment by an adult male towards a minor female. A deputy with the Sheriff’s Office and an officer with the Drug Task Force went to a residence to speak with the suspect. Upon arrival, the suspect was found in the front yard holding a firearm. Officers negotiated briefly with the individual, who then drew the weapon and shot and killed himself. The investigation has been turned over to the Arkansas State Police. Release of suspect name is pending due to further investigation into the incident.

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  1. people are losing their minds I just don’t understand this behavior nowadays. I know in must cases drugs play a big part in it between good crack, powder coke and really good Herion and the fact that they are so easy to get plus the fact that a lot of people just don’t have anything to loose some people will blame certain types of music and video games but I myself thinks it goes much deeper then that.

    • Maryellen Anderson

      Chris Plumber, you don’t have all of the facts. This had nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with this man’s lifelong deviant behavior towards the innocent. It is impossible to estimate the number of innocent children he has left in his wake especially since he drove a truck for a living.Those closest to him and who knew him best – his blood relatives – tried for years to stop this monster and get him put behind bars where he belonged but we couldn’t. So, though some may see this as a tragedy, perhaps even wrongfully blaming police action, those of us who do know the true won’t be mourning this loss of life. Some people who walk on this earth are just pure evil and my brother was one of them.

      • Sorry it had to come to this, but I’ve known this truth since 1992. He had left a horribly long trail of little girls in his wake.

        • hi Heather, nice hearing from you but I was feeding off what I read on here it did not mention anything else but you mentioned that he was a truck driver and you knew about it since 1992 so my question is why haven’t you come forward sooner you might have saved some lives, maybe the DA in your area should be called and speak to you it might be able to figure out why he did what he did.

          • Just so you know, I DID come forward in 1992 actually. Spoke to LE then. He didn’t do drugs that I know of, and I don’t know his profession. Why are you bent on protecting him and blaming drugs?

    • Wow! Sounds like you have some good personal experience with these drugs you speak of. Before you write something atupid and indignant, you should probably know all the facts first rather than make a generalized statement on a news feed about someones family.

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