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Stolen Truck Found in Washington County, Suspect Apprehended


A truck that was reported stolen from the owners’ yard while the residents were inside on Tuesday night has been found. Authorities in Washington County, Arkansas arrested 65-year old Wallace D. Kasinger, of Stillwater, Oklahoma, around 8:30 Wednesday night for DWI, Careless Driving, and Theft by Receiving following a one-vehicle accident. Washington County Authorities contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Department after discovering the truck that Kasinger was driving had been stolen from Polk County.

According to police reports, Kevin and Camilia Wolfenbarger said they saw their truck leaving their driveway at approximately 7:40 p.m. Tuesday night. The Wolfenbargers thought their son, Nick, who had just left their home, had the truck and were not alarmed, at first. However, after contacting Nick, they discovered he did not have the truck and it had, in fact, been stolen.

Upon Polk County Deputy Seth Smith’s arrival, Nick reported that when he left, just minutes before the truck was stolen, he observed a man walking down the road near their home. The man was described as wearing a black shirt and black pants, with a mullet-style haircut and facial hair.

Polk County Chief Deputy Scott Sawyer said they suspected Kasinger all along.

According to Sawyer, Kasinger had been arrested by the Grannis Police Department on October 31st for DWI. Kasinger was then released on Monday, November 2, the day before the truck was stolen.

The truck, a 2014 black Dodge Ram, was also carrying several tools belonging to the owner, including ladders, electrician tools, and company and personal checks. It is unknown at this time whether any of those items have been recovered.

Formal charges are pending in Polk County.

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