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Moments from America’s History – Reflections on Labor Day

BY JEFF OLSON – In 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed a bill making Labor Day a national holiday. Ever since, it has symbolically served to remind us of the importance and place of labor in the lifeblood of our nation. While many of us will enjoy a day off from work, there are those for whom Labor Day is just ...

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Moments from America’s History – The Death of a King

BY JEFF OLSON – Notable events in American History are quite often remembered by those living at the time through recalling where we were and/or what we were doing when they occurred. For instance, my father remembered quite distinctly where he was when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, and some of you may still remember where you were when President John ...

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The Treasure of the Public Square

BY JEFF OLSON – A vital part of Americana, throughout our nation’s history, has been the public square. Most of us have been on vacations or perhaps just taken a short trip within our own state and, while passing through small towns, observed the local town square. Here [In a Town Square], there may be a court house with a ...

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