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Taking Time To Smell The Roses


I haven’t been doing much communing with the outdoors in the last few weeks. The weather has been bitter by and large, and the constant promo­tion of my new books has occupied a great deal of my time. But this weekend the weather broke, the sun came out, and temperatures warmed, which was unseasonably wonderful. Sunday afternoon Bonnie packed a lunch and headed for the lake.

I can barely describe what a wonderful combination the unseasonably warm weather and the wind-ruffled waters of Lake Wilhelmina provided us. The sun-splashed surface of the lake sparkled like diamonds and I found myself enthralled and at peace as we walked qui­etly along the shore.

Of course, my trusty fishing rod was close at hand (as it al­ways is when I anticipate being around any body of water larger than a rain puddle,) but I found myself luxuriating more in the sensations of a warm winter day, and casting less.

Although we live in the country and pride ourselves on the serenity that provides, the pace of the rest of the world has en­croached, and it shouts outside the walls of our quiet castles like an angry host of invaders. We can’t turn on our televisions, or read the larger newspapers without that harsh world invading. Peaceful hamlets like our own find it necessary to adopt to the new, frantic movement of soci­ety, with its demands on our resources and our time. We find ourselves drawn into the dance of a new age whether we want it or not.

Lately, I’ve been guilty of finding myself too busy to call an old friend, or to pack up the dogs and the lady and take a ride through the country, or even to pull out my favorite rod and walk down to the pond.

I realized yesterday how im­portant it is that we keep a little of the country in our hearts, regardless of the demands of our schedules. And I was reminded how valuable a few hours with Mother Nature can be for restor­ing the spirit and the psyche.

So, those of you like myself, who are busy with the chal­lenges of endeavors and occupa­tions, be reminded to take a lit­tle time to yourself. Live a little. Smell the roses. It’s a small gift of health and happiness to both yourself and the ones you love.