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Membership in Mena Art Gallery


Mena Art Gallery is conducting its annual membership drive, and I’d like to mention some of the reasons you should care.

First of all, the gallery is helping Mena on its way to becoming a place that attracts tourists which in turn supports the local economy and brings in more businesses to help provide jobs not only for the people living here now but for our children and grandchildren. There are now six businesses along Mena Street in the “Creative Economy” (that economic engine that provides a hefty percentage of our nation’s gross national product): The Ouachita Little Theatre, The Cross Eyed Cricket, the Cherokee Trading Post, American Artisans, Chameleon Arts, and Mena Art Gallery. And, of course, there are all the artists living and working in Mena and the surrounding area that work with these businesses.

Like public radio and the public broadcasting system, you do not HAVE to pay for most of these things: you can just walk in and enjoy them. But like our bigger cousins, we must pay bills like heat and water and electricity and employees. In addition to the sale of art, that money comes largely from membership dues and donations.

Annual dues at the gallery are $35 for a family, $20 for an individual, or $10 for a student.

Some of the things the gallery provides to the community are:

Art exhibits that change monthly. Everything from children’s art through spotlight shows on nationally known artists like Bill Garrison whose work will be on display this summer.

Presentations on almost any aspect of art. We have the contributions of many talented artists working in a variety of media to show us fascinating details of their chosen niche. From January through April this year, we are teaming up with the Polk County Library to present some excellent lectures on the history of art focusing on The Impressionists.

Many special interest groups including fiber art, writers, and the weekly “Art Day” program.

Art classes for children on a regular monthly basis and for adults as we can find instructors.

Newsletters to let you know what is happening.

To help us keep doing it, please consider joining. You can pick up a membership form at the gallery, 607 Mena Street, or online at Gallery hours are 11 am to 2 pm on Tuesdays and 10 am to 3 pm on Wednesdays through Saturdays.