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Terry’s Service Center


Growing up in both Montgomery and Polk Counties, Terry Golden and his brother, Nathan, were trained from a young age to repair broken items.

“Our grandpa owned a mechanic shop and he was from a generation who did not believe in hiring anyone to fix anything so we grew up learning how to fix things.  We learned young,” explained Golden.

Golden, joined the Army National Guard at age 17 and graduated from Acorn High School in 2003.  During his military service he has completed two tours of Iraq, and been on active duty most of his career.  Last January, while spending some time off active duty, he notice a need for a repair shop in Polk County and began Terry’s Service Center to work on outdoor power and residential appliances.

Terry's-Service-Center2Located at 811 4th Street, Terry’s Service Center handles service calls and warranty work for Sears, Matt Industries and Speed Co, repairing anything from treadmill to lawnmowers to major appliances; they have even worked on power tools.  Aside from warranty work, Terry’s Service Center will also happily do non warranty repair work.  “Anyone can call us no matter what; we’ve found that a lot of local people do not know who to call for repairs on their generators, chain saws, appliances, that is what we are here for,” Golden explained.

Terry’s Service Center is truly a family operation, with Golden being called back up to active duty, his family works hard to help run the business while he is serving his country as an instructor at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Golden’s mother, Trina Liles, runs the front of the shop, his stepdad, Terry Liles, does the repair work outside of the shop, while a long time family friend, Jeff Ames, handles the in-store service.  Terry’s Service Center also has an impressive selection of used appliances for sale in their store.

Golden has two sons: Aiden and Sawyer and is proud to be raising them in Polk County.  “This is such a nice place to grow up and it is a good place to raise a family, said Golden.  “I wouldn’t trade the experience of growing up here for the world and I’m thankful, that even though I can’t be here all the time, that my kids live here.  I like working with the people here also, most of the time they are so easy to deal with and they don’t expect miracles.”

Golden’s military training and experiences have also provided a great foundation to build a successful business in the service industry.  He explained, “The military, in general, has given me a great standard and guideline to live my life, a set of values many other people don’t have when it comes to life.  They taught us to follow what the military calls a ‘hard right’ instead of an ‘easy wrong.’  That there is a specific way to do things even though it is not always the easiest way to get things done, it is the right way.”

Terry’s Service Center can be reached by visiting their shop at 811 4th Street, by contacting them via their Facebook Page or by calling 479.385.2136.

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