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Vaught Pleads No Contest to Sexual Assault


Billy Vaught, age 50, of Mena pled no contest to Sexual Assault in the 4th Degree, a Class A Misdemeanor, in Polk County Circuit Court on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Vaught was accused of engaging in sexual contact with another person, who was not his spouse, who was less than sixteen (16) years of age. The plea was a bargain that kept Vaught from facing trial on the original charge of Sexual Assault in the 2nd Degree, a Class B Felony.

Under part of the conditions of Vaught’s plea bargain, he will face supervised probation for a period of twelve months, pay a $500 fine plus court costs and fees, and also must register as a sex offender.

Judge Ted Capeheart presided over the case and accepted the recommendations from the state’s Special Prosecutor, Jason Barrett, for the court to accept the plea. Vaught’s attorney presented and accepted the plea on his behalf. Barrett was appointed to the case due to Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner trying the case where Vaught was the victim.

In November 2013, Vaught was shot in his home and Lori Rose was convicted of the crime in November 2014. Jurors found Rose guilty of Aggravated Residential Burglary, Aggravated Assault, Domestic Battery (2nd Degree), and Terroristic Threatening (2nd Degree) by a Polk County jury and sentenced to 36-years. Rose and Vaught, who had been romantically involved, were estranged at the time of the incident.

Vaught testified during the trial that he kicked the gun causing it to go off, striking him in the leg. Rose’s family has maintained that Vaught’s actions earlier in the day, of which a police report was filed involving a 13-year old minor family member of Rose’s, triggered her confrontation of Vaught. That police report is also what led to Vaught’s subsequent arrest and no contest plea in the current case.


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  1. I enjoy checking the paper “back home” once in a while and after reading this I am
    Feeling a little confused. Let me get this straight…

  2. Vaught may or may not have sexually assaulted a child (thus the no contest plea), mother takes matters in to her own hands after police won’t respond. Mom aims gun and cusses man, man kicks gun, it discharges shooting child molester in the groin, child molester get a slap on the wrist and protective mother gets 36 years in prison?!!?? Am I missing something? Anyone want to explain to me why it’s okay to molest a child in Mena, Arkansas?

    • Yes, I would like that explained also. Good grief what kind of mother or father wouldn’t take matters in their own hand esp after law enforcement did nothing! Sounds to me like the wrong person is spending 30 plus years in the pokey as matter of fact!!!!!!!

    • I agree. He destroys a child’s life (emotionally) and gets a slap on the wrist. He, himself, causes himself to be sot by kicking his own gun that she picked up in his house and she gets 30+ years. There’s a whole lot wrong with this. Shame on the prosecutors. I’m sorry, this is just wrong!

  3. Most in town feel similar Rebecca. There’s a lot to the story we don’t know, I assume but Lori didn’t deserve 36 years, period

  4. SMH.This is just so disgusting. I am soo sock. A child’s life destroyed. And he gets only 1 year. …hide your kids..bc no one will be afraid to touch them now. Making an example out of Lori was not a detourant. If anyone touches mine..and authority laughs at me for filing…wont nobody be laughing later.

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