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Water Treatment Plant Operating on Generator Power


The Mena Water Treatment Plant who also supplies water to Acorn Rural and Freedom Water Associations continues to operate on generator power, according to Charles Pitman, Mena Water Utilities Manager.

Pitman said that there are countless Rich Mountain Electric power poles that are down leading to the facility following the ice storm that hit the area on Thursday night and Friday.

The loss of power has not affected their ability to provide water and said obviously, water usage has been down but as power is being restored, the usage is increasing but the generator is able to maintain the supply.  He said crews maintain supplying the 100-150 gallons of diesel required per day necessary to power the generator.

He said the Utility has not experienced any main line breaks but said as the ground thaws that will increase the potential for weak points in the line to rupture.  In the event of such and any subsequent boil orders, notices will be posted immediately at

Pitman expressed his sincere appreciation to the county road crews who worked immediately clearing Polk County Roads 184 and 74 leading to the facility so that diesel trucks could make necessary deliveries preventing any interruption in water service to its customers.