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What Christmas Means to Me

As submitted by 2nd graders from across the county.

Louise Durham Elementary


Mrs. Miller’s Class:


Christmas is a time of celebrating Jesus birthday.  It means family time.


Chrismas means you are out of school. It means lots of presents.


Christmas is something to celebrate.  Christmas is Jesus’s Birthday and Jesus is our only true present and Christmas is about Love to me.


You get gifts on Christmas day.  When Christmas day comes it is Jesus birthday.


Christmes means lots of presents. It means guessing who the big presents belong to.  It is a time to celebrate Jesus birthday.


It ‘s good time to have a fun time with your family.


Celebrate Jesus’s Birthday and Birthday’s an Peace.


Chrismas means to me because we get to celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  And we get presents. And it snows.  And we get lots of toys. And we get to see Santa.  And we get to have fun parties.  And have a fun year.  And we get to decorate a Christmas tree.


It means to me lots and lots of toys.  It means Love and Peace.


It means all of my family get to come and eat and open presents and have fun, celebrating Jesuses birthday.


It mens to calebrate Jesus’s birthday.  It mens to have fun with family.


Family time to geather celebrating Christmas.


What cristmas means to me: having fun with family.  Celebrate peace love and Jesus Loveing. Jesus Peace and Love.


What I think Christmas is about celebrate Jeseses birthday. It means we get to play in the snow. I get to spend time with my family.


Mrs. Smallwood’s Class:


I get to open my presents and a big coohie.  I get to celebrate.  I get to play with my friends.


Christmas is the time to be with your family, sing carols, opening presents, making snow angels, snowballs, watching movies, drinking hot coco, celebrating Jesus Birthday and seeing the lights.

Sophie Brewer

Is about giving and celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  I like having a Christmas feast. I like caroling.  Being with family.


Is time for a food and opening presents and fun.  Having fun and that’s the most importing thing then we go to my pops and eat.

Isaiah Renard

Celebrating Jesus birthday and eating cookies.  I like presents putting up a tree and decorationg, caroling and seeing family.


Seing my family. Playing in the snow celebrating Jesus birthday. I like presents, lights, Christmas tree and food.


That Santa is good for me and you and playing in snow and have the lights on the tree and the balls that glows.


It is about spending time with your family. It is also about Jesus.


Chirismas is about family and friends.  I love my family.

Hailey Renee Emerson

What Christmas means to me is presents, snowball fights, trees, lights.  I like watching the parade, the lights at the park, and seeing family, celebrating Jesus’s birthday, the fireworks and getting to go to church service.


Like getting presents.  I like decating trees.  I like eating Chirmas dinner.  I like opening gifts. I like seeing my family.  I like singing Chirmas songs.


The days off from school.  Playing in the snow.  Seeing all the light at night.


I can see my family.  I open my presents and eat food and play in the snow.


Playing in snow. Celebrating Jesus birthday.


Ms. Wagner’s Class:

Hudson Vacca

Christmas means quite a few things to me.  We all know what Christmas is all about.  I just love Christmas because you get to have your family with you and lost of fun mixed in.  And if you have an elf that comes to your house that’s awesome!  But if you don’t have an elf you’ll still be very happy! You should probably make a calendar for when Christmas is finally going to be here.  After that, on Christmas day, you will be so excited you wake up your family and take them to the Christmas tree.  Then you’ll rip up those presents and you’d surely have a very merry Christmas.  And that’s the absolutely best part of what Christmas means to me.

Maddox Medlin

To me it means Jesus’ birth and to be with family, singing carols, making cookies.  And going to church and wakening up to the beautiful tree and unwrapping presents.  That’s what it means to me.  Oh, and to get away from school!!!

Reed Henry

Christmas means spending time with my family and giving Santa cookies and the reindeer carrots.  It also means opening present s and going to church.

Cherokee Joplin

It means that I get to spend time with my family.  I get to pen presents.  And we go to church  and celebrate Jesus birthday.

Austin Eisenhauer

Christmas is about bring thankful, spending time with family eating dinner together and celebrating Jesus birthday.

Jaeli Fields

Christmas is a very special time because it is the day that Jesus was born.  And I love to celebrate Jesus birthday.  Celebrating Jesus’ birthday means a lot to me.  I love to watch my family unwrap presents.  I know that Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday and I know Christmas is also about giving.  If we didn’t give than we would have no presents.  Christmas is also about having fun with your family.  Christmas is not about getting stuff like presents.  Christmas means so much to me.  It means to me more that you think.  I love Christmas so so so  much.

Claire Walston 

I love Christmas because we get to celebrate Jesus birthday.  We give cookies to Santa and open presents.  We get to spen time with our family.

Jordan McBroom

Christmas means spending time with my family and celebrating Jesus birthday.  It also means we get to open presents in the morning and give presents to the homeless.

Nicholas Vincent

Christmas means a lot to me because Jesus has a birthday and I get to open presents.  We also get to love others around the world.

Devin Gorden

It means that I get to have fun and spend time with my family, and it means it is Jesus’ birthday. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Rylie Walters

What Christmas means to me is love and celebrating Jesus Birthday and giving carrots to Santas reindeer.

Emily Wise

Christmas means that Jesus was born.  It means we should love and be nice.  We make cookies and snowmen, we sing songs and go to church.  We spend time with family and go to Grammy’s and open presents. Merry Christmas.

Alizander Casten

It means Jesus birthday.  And it means to me lots and lots of love and I get to spend time  with my family.  And I get a lot of presents.

Holiday Neufeld

It means Jesus to me because it’s his birthday, Jesus is special!  Another thing Christmas means to me is love, we should love people on Christmas!  I love spending time with my family and friends so that’s what it means to me!  We can have fun on Christmas if we try!

Jancey K. Harris

Christmas means celebrating Jesus birthday because he loves us.  On his birthday we say thank you to Jesus.  I love getting to spend time with my family.  I love to see Santa bring  presents to my family during Christmas.

Mathew Ferguson

What Christmas means to me is joy and happiness.  It’s a time to give and care and especially loving Jesus.  Christmas is the best holiday every.

Kaelyn Nichols

Christmas means celebrating Jesus birth and happiness.  Evrey Christmas we open gifts but it’s not about getting gifts giving. It’s about family traditions.

Gena Ashlen Whitehead

What Christmas means to me is that we have to be good to our mother and father so Santa will bring us gifts.  It means that we can spend time with our familys.  It is Jesus’ birthday.  Some times we get snow so maybe we can play in it.  We exchange gifts at school some people give hope and peace to others.

Zech Doty

It means Jesus birthday and spending time with my family.

Caroline Cannon

Celebrating Christmas and opening presents.  God and Jesus helping me.  Family being happy and doing Christmas stuff.  Santa giving me Christmas gifts that I love.  Snow that might be coming down on the ground on Christmas day.  Wrapping presents with my mom.  Celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Mr. Santa and Mrs. Santa flying in the sleigh.  Loving other around people.  Giving Christmas cookies to Santa and giving carrots and apples to the reindeer.


Mrs. Medford’s Class:


What Christmas means to me? I thak Christmas is abut Santa, Mrs. Clause and gives and presents.


Christmas means love and respect others. I like slebrating Jesus birthday and spending time with your family.


What Christmas means to me.  It means to give to others that do not have toys.  Giveing is important.

Aurora Tom

Harts, love, Jesus, God, the sky, toys, Santa, sweet, Joy, happy, presents, nice, singing, family.

Rayden Laird

Cristmas means a lot. I like to pay games like Call of duty Saints Row because they have the best graphis ever.  I like playing those games on cristms eve.


Christmas means about loven, sharen and given.  Christmas is a special time of the year it is even Jesuses Birthday.


What Christmas means to me, family, presents, frends and giving.


Christmas means to me is love, happeness, joyfull, exciting and wonderfull on Christmas moning my mom and dad sit on the coach and watch me and Josfeny open our presents. Last year Josfeny got cane canes but I dinot get cane canes.


What Christmas means to me?  It means to me fun, a good dinner, love and my family.  And spending the night with my grandmother.


Spending time with your family, playing ni the snow.


What Christmas means to me:  I like to eat with my family because I love them and I love my mom and dad and sister and brother and my dog.

Abby Felix

What Christmas means to me?  It means Jesus, presents, ordements, reindeer, snow, singing, and games stars!!!!

Natalie Huber

Christmas is special to me because my family gets together and celabrates Jesess’ birthday.  Christmas is special to me because my family gets together and bakes cookies.

Matthew Loayza

Christmas means joy, fun, family.  It means a lot of things like playing in the snow, play the Xbox, and playing with my toys.

Grayce Campbell

What Christmas means to me is Jesus’ birthday!! Spending time with family!!!

Brytnen Rose

What Christmas means to me singing songs, opening presents, and eating food.  Having a great time together most of all celebrating Jesu’s birthday.  Spending time with my family.


Mrs Williams’ Class: 


Christmas is about giving presents to other people and my family is important to me. Love Body


Dear Santa Christ is not about presents it’s about Christians.  I woint you to be at out house because I wonit to see you on Christmas.  Merry Christmas Santa.

Nicnolas J

Christmas menas I get to go to my grandma’s and my family including my relatives and having a good time.


Christmas is being with my grandma and family! Christmas is love.


Being with mom and dad. Merry Christmas

Myia James

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  Being with my family.


Being with my family and sharing the Holiday and a merry Christmas.


Being with my family.  Jesus was born!


Christmas means to being with my family.

Cody Hemphill

Being with my family on Christmas Eve and Jesus was born on Christmas Eve.

Briar Lance

Being with my family on Christmas Eve!! On Christmas it’s Jesus’s birthday!!

Zoey Williams

Christmas means a lot to me becase Jesus was born on Christmas day.

Amelia Violet Betz

Christmas means spending time with my family.  And caring about my family and caring about my friends.  And caring about Mary, Jesus and God.

Michael Gray

Being with my family.  Because it’s not about gifts it’s about family.  Also it’s about loveing and caring.


Merry Christmas Jesus I love you and I will come with you.


Jolly oh Saint Nicholas had a very jolly soul and will forever.


I get to be with my family.  I get to wrap presents.

Nicholas M.

Being with my foamily on Christmas Eve!!!


Mrs. Maddox’s Class:

Shantal Tecson

Christmas means to me about love, sharing, and being nice to each other.  Christmas also means to me about giving and being together.  Christmas also means about each other.  We celebrate Christmas because it’s Jesus’s birthday that’s why we celebrate Christmas.

Joseph Alen Cude

Christmas means happiness, family time, excitement, and thankfulness.  We celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus’s birthday.  Now he is a God.

Caleb Simmons

Christmas means spending time with our family.  Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.  Christmas means spending time with our friends.

Jesse Derales

It means that Jesus’s birthday.  Also, giving presents on Christmas and spending time with your family.


Christmas is on Jesus’s Birthday.  We get parades on holidays.  Our parents get a day off on Christmas.  Our parents spend time with us.

Abby Thomas

Christmas means you are Happy, you can open your presents and you can put the star on top of the tree.

Mia Goforth

What Christmas means to me is little kids faces are smileing.  Christmas isn’t just about presents.  It is Jesus’s birthday.  That’s why I think it’s great.  He was born on Decrember 25th.  I believe in you!!

Ava  Smith-Hawley

Christmas  to me means to hang out with my family and have a good time.  Also we open presents .  What Christmas really means to me is that you need to be really nice to people even if you don’t know them because it means a lot.

Harlei McCourtney

Christmas is about having fun.  It’s not about toys.  It’s about love.  My family loves Christmas.

Katrina Dixon

Christmas is a joyful time of year Christmas is when everybody is so respectful.  Christmas is when you get presents.  Christmas is when you put cookies & mild on a table.  Christmas is when you eat candy canes.  Christmas is when you put up a Christmas tree.

Dominique Vaughn

It is gathering with my family and having a great time with my family.  I also know that its abut Gods Birthday and blessing him even more than having a good time.  I also like the person who delieverd presents my mom and dad and other members of the family.

Case Wiles

It is a very special holiday.   It is fun to have a birthday on Christmas Eve.  It’s fun to have Christmas around.  Why do we have Christmas”  Because on Christmas Eve Santa comes to town!.

Taylor Davis

Christmas isn’t about getting toys or presents.  It’s about love fun and peace.  Spending time with your famly is fun.  My famly always has fun at our New Year’s party at the gym.  Spending time with my cousins is really fun, even when we fight it is still fun.

Kane Plowman

Christmas means to me that thre are toys.  I want for Christmas the giant turtle and the Trex the pteradoctyl the outer spacemonster.

Jaxon Baber

Christmas means Jesus’s birthday seeing my elves watching the snow fallg playing in the snow reading books, staying at home, playing with my dad.

Jeffrey Richmond

Christmas to me means to hang out with my family and have a good time.  Also we open presents together.  We see Santa all night long and we see Mrs. Clause too.  Ya’ll be safe and we will see you at Christmas!

Kaseh Schuller

What Christmas means to me is Christmas what it means to me in Christmas it feels fun because when I drink hot coco whith my mom and dad.  Also I go out side and make angels.  Then I  make the tree and decorate so I’ll go to Granny and Papas to have a Christmas diner and pray.

Maria Dilbert

Christmas means familys and friends.  I put the Angle on the top of the Christmas tree.  Sing Christmas songs, tell Christmas stories with the family , give stuff to ones in need, and have a good Chritmas.




Ms. Gustafson’s Class:

Payge Adaway

What Christmas means to me is being with family and friends. Jesus’ birthday. Also eating Christmas dinner with friends and family. We go shoping for clothes for our Christmas dance. At our Christmas dance we put on our clothes we look great we start to dance.

Shay Allen

My favorite part of the Christmas Season is being with my family. It is a time of giving and receiving. Above all, Jesus’s Birthday is celebrated.

Coy Brumbelow

I like Christmas because I get to celebrate Christmas. I like to celebrate with my family. I like Christmas because we get to celebrate gods birthday. I like Christmas because we get to open presents. I like Christmas because we get to decorate the Christmas tree.

Kora Carter

Christmas means being with my family. We Celebrate God’s birthday. We are thankful for our family. We share with other people we love Christmas.

Colton Cox

Christmas means being with your family. Giving food and things to people that need help. Giving your time drive people if they don’t have a car. Read a book to people who can’t read. Christmas means giving.

Payton Davis

Cristmas means spending time with my family. Being thankful that we have food on the table. Be happy that your seeing people that you don’t get to see all the time. I’m thankful my family loves me. Being happy.

Daisy Dollar

Christmas means being thankful of what I have because other kids don’t have what I have. So I’m very lucky because some other kid would love to have something that you might have. Feasting with my family and because the whole state is filled with happiness and everyone is giving and laughing. Because my brother, my sister, my mom, and my dad and I get all of our presents and sit in the living room and take turns opening presents. Going to my poppy’s and momma’s house and taking turns talking to the lord and opening presents.


Christmas means being with family. Having tradition and celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Having food on the table. Getting new things. Having family over and meeting family and a lot of other stuff.

Libby Guest

Chistmas means spending time with my family. I enjoy the season of giving so I can share the Chistmas joy with my parents and siblings. The weather is cold and hope fully there will he a white Christmas. I like to have fun playing in the snow and going to Christmas parties. I love the tradition of Christmas because it is the Lords birthday, and a time for joyful spirits and sharing unity.

Noah Holland

Christmas means to me, is helping other people se they may have a joyful Christmas. Christmas is a family time to enjoy.

Sara Irvan

Christmas means decorating your house and tree. Christmas means being thankful. Christmas means sharing gifts. Christmas means being a good girl or boy. Christmas means making snowmen with family an friends.

Lily Oglesby

Christmas means being with family and friends and sharing presents with our family. During the season we celebrate Jesus’s birthday and the tradition of opening the presents under the tree. I like Christmas because my entire family is together.

Lucas Parnell

Christmas means celebrating the Lord’s birthday. We get together with our family and open the pretty presents under the tree. Our family has so much fun celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

Kensey Rosson

Christmas means sharing, giving, being thankful. Every year everybody celebrates a parade. People care for people who cant afford stuff. We are glad that God made Christmas. Families come over to eat on Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas with our family.

Isaiah Simmons

Christmas is celebrating jesus’ birthday. We have fun. Our family is together.

Anna Bella Tedder

Christmas means celebrating Gods birthday. Our family goes to church and we sing joyful songs. We pray for our wonderful life. Christmas. Is a time for giving and sharing. Christmas is a special season to rejoice.

Sarah Tedder

Christmas is enjoyng the spirit of giving surrounded by tradition and wonderful festivities. I love decorating the tree with presents wrapped in  camo design. Jesus’s Birthday is celebrated every year during this time. My favorite part is the feasting. We go to Tulsa Oklahoma every Christmas. At La Huerta, I always order chicke tenders. Finally, at the resort I pamper myself.


Mrs. Dutton’s Class:


Christmas is a very special time of the year. It’s about Jesus’ birthday, spending time with your family, and sharing. That is what Christmas means to me. Your friend, Joshua.


Christmas is an amazing time of the year. I Love Christmas because it is so special. I love to spend time with my family. Also, one tradition that my family does is we always sing Christmas songs. Christmas is amazing.


I love Christmas! First of all there is, spending time with my family. We love to spend time with each other. Second, we give love to each one. Finly, Christmas is not all about presets. Christmas is grate.


Christmay is an amazing time of the year. Because you get to share things with pepole  and friends and family. that’s what Christmas means to me.


What Christmas meand to me is giving, Jesus’s birth day, and just spending time with family. It’s not just about presents. And that’s what Christmas means to me. Happy holadays! HO HO HO


Christmas is a good time of the yere. I will tell you what Christmas means to me. It means to me a lot. First, sharing and giving and Jesus’s birthday. Also, spending time with my family also means a lot to me.


Christmas is special and these are some reasons why. It’s special because it’s Jesus’ birthday and you get to spend time with your own family and friends. I also think about not just getting but giving and sharing stuff. You don’t just have to be selfish about what present you got just say a nice thing. I love the holiday Christmas.


Chrstmas is fun. It means sharing. Jesus birthday, and giving presents.


Do you like Christmas? I know I do. I am going to show you the main things about Christmas: sharing, giving, and spending time with your family. First. It’s not just getting presents it’s about Jesus dieing on the cross. This is a few thing about Christmas.


Christmas is amazing because I can crawl to the living room. Do you ever get that feeling you know the jolly one? I relley like Chrismas! Jesus’ birthday is on it. Oh! I forget to say, “Merry Christmas!”


Christmas means to mean that you think about having fun with your family. One tradition that my family does is we always spind two nitghs at my grandmalls house. Then we go home and we have a race opening the presents and we all are excited. Then we all go down to my nan’s houseand we’re all like “yes!”

Rulee Wiles

I love Christmas. It is Special to me because it’s Jesus’ birthday First, you get to spend time with your family. Second, it’s not just about presents. And last but not least sharing toys with other kids. HO HO HO!!!


I love Christmas. It’s fun to give people gifts and eat lots of cookies.


Christmas is a great time of the year. First, you share a lot of gift’s. second, it is not just getting presents. It is Jesus’ birthday. I love Christmas.


Christmas means a lot to me. It means that maybe if it snows we can go outside and make a snowman. Then we can have snowball fights. Them Santa comes and puts presents under the tree.


Christmas means giving but not just presents. It is about Jesus; birthday and spending time with people you Love. One tradition That my family does is we always bake sugar cookies to leave for Santa. Christmas is a very special time of the year. I love Christmas.


One tradition that my family does is we make peanut butter sugar cookies. My nana makes sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. We eat some and then leave some for santa. And on Christmas morning all of the cookies are gone. And there is presents and a note.




Mrs. Reynolds’ Class

Austin Bailey

It means to me spending time with my family and opening presents with them and being with my hole family and Jesus!

Caylynn Burkey

What Christmas means to me is that Jesus’s birthday is on the 25th of Christmas! And what Christmas means to me is that we spend Christmas supper together. We open gifts together to.  It means alot to me when me an my brother open presents!


It means to me a lot because it is Jesus Birthday on the 25 of December that is way I love Chiristmas the best and I wish you a Mree Christmas!


I hope Jesus has his bantha on cahristmas and I love God and Jesus and Jesuses mom.  I love my mom and my daddy and Bubba.  I just don’t wun’t to be mene!


That you get stuff you whanted to have along time ago.


Family get together on Christmas day.

Ben Tooker

Spending time with family.

Thomas Lee Broch

Being with family.


Christmas means to me I git presis.  And spin time with my famle and Christmas braek.

Justin Bell

It is Jesus is birthday and Christmas means a lot to me.


Jesus Birthday and spend time whith my famly and get presents.


It means to me that Jess dide on the cross for us.  Her is a song for you. In evry thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Crist Jessus chsernig you.  Our father loves us.

Meera Henry

What Christmas means to me is Jesus’s birthday and spending time with my family.


It is God’s Birthday.  And I like to be on the nice list but that is Sata choice. And Sata is nice to.


Mrs. Norman’s Class

Elijah Williamson

Christmas means to have fun and play with your toys.  If I got a new Wii game and some new batteries we could put them inside the remotes that don’t work.

Braylen Ralls

Is I get to spend time with my family.  I play with my friends.  We have fun.  We have lots of food.  I like it a lot.

Brodie Dickerson

Christmas isn’t about toys.  It is about spending time with family.  Christmas Day was when Jesus was born.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Blake Evans

I get to spend time with my family.  It is fun to spend time with them on Christmas.

Darnay Pierce

I have a lot of fun. I play with my toys and snow and with icicles and snowmen.

Caydee Beck

Is that we get to celebrate Jesus’s Birthday.  We celebrate with ore family and friends.

Braydon Chambers

What Christmas means to me is getting to spend time with my family.  It is about Jesus’s Birthday.

Maddx Hoyle

What Christmas means to me is going to be fun.  I’m having the party at grandma’s to open presents. At my house I am going to open presents too!  It will be the best Christmas ever!

Ethan Williams

I get to be with my family.  We get to open presents.  We get to eat snow ice cream.  We get to play in the snow.




Ms. Duggan’s Class:

Landrey Richardson

My family goes to three Christmases and we play dirty Santa.  We play in the snow then we play with our toys.  That’s what we do for Christmas.

Isaak Trinidad

My family opens our own presents. I have fun with my cousins because we play games. Christmas means many things to me.

Sherlyn Brita

Spending time with my family.  I kind of spend time with my whole family for Christmas Eve.  We have lots of fun opening presents.  We also watch Christmas movies.  But best of all I spend most of the time with my whole family.  This is the best Christmas.

Maddie Frachiseur

Family.  Getting to spend time with my Dad, Sis, Mom and Bub is the best part.  It will be the best Christmas.  This is what Christmas is abot.

Lacy Floyd

Jesus Birth, presents, and speding time with family, my daddy.  Jesus birth represents Christmas.  I don’t get to sped a lot of Christmas with my daddy.  I watch people open their presents! This what Christmas means to me.

Hazael Cardoa

Fun. When Jesus was born and family.  We have fun playing the game.  One, we celebrate Jesus when he was born.  And Family comes over.  Theis is what Christmas means to me.

Mallory Farringer

Family and fun.  I spend time with my cousins, my 2 aunts, and my grandparents.  After we get done unraping all of our presents, us cousins we play with each others presents.  We have a lot of fun.  Christmas means a lot to me.

Kaylee Williams

Family, friends, and celebrating win Jeses was born for as the Holly Grove Baptist Church.  My friends visit my church and eat.  My family sit at the tabl.  This is what we do at Christmas.

Jocelyn Hernandez

Family, fun, and celebrating the birth of Christ.  I spend time with my Mom, Dad, Sis and Bud.  We play gams and wach moves.  I also watch the Christmas play.  This is what Christmas means to me.


Family and fun.  Christmas means you get to open presets ant stocking.  We have fun.

Joe Franco

Is spending time with family.  I spin time with my family and we haf a big dinr.  That what Christmas means to me.


Mrs. Whisenhunt’s Class:


To me Christmas means celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  We celebrate Jesus’s birthday by giving gifts, singing songs, and having a meal with the whole family. Christmas also means to me being good for Jesus.  We be good for Jesus by living right.  That’s what Christmas means to me.


Christmas is a special holiday to me.  It’s Jesus’s birthday.  My family always gose to my Mimi’s house.  Christmas is the time to be thankful for the stuff I have.  Christmas is the best holiday ever!!!!


Christmas means its Jesus’s birthday.  Christmas is all about giving gifts.  My hole family gose to Church.  That’s what Christmas means to me.


To me Christmas means celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  My family always reads the Christmas story from the bible on Christmas Eve.  A nuther thing Christmas means to me is giving and giting gifts.  Thank you Jesus.


To me Christmas means family and friends.  I spend time with them.  We have a big diner together.  I love Christmas.


To me Christmas means celebrating Jesus’s birthday.  My family always reads the Christmas story from the bible on Christmas Eve.  Chritmas also means gitting gifts.  I get gifts from my uncle, grama, mom and my dad.  Hope you have a good time celebrating Jesus’s birthday.

J. W.

Christmas means to me celebrating Jeues birthday.  My family has a big feste. Chrismas even means opening presents and giveing presents.  I play with my frinds.  That’s what Christmas means to me.


To me  Christmas means getting gifts and spending time with my family.  My family goes to church to celebrate Jesu’s birthday.  Christmas is also about helping others.  I give toys away that I don’t play with.  This is what Christmas means to me.


This is what Chrismas means to me.  It’s about giving gifts to people.  We give things to people that do not have toys or food.  Then we will celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  Thank you for everything Jesus.


To me Chritmas means gitting presents and giving presents.  Every Chirstmas Eve we allreddy have presents under our tree.  This year I want to give people presents.  We also celebrate Jesus’s birthday.  My family puts up the manger scene.  Christmas is a special holiday.


To me Christmas means it is Jesus birthday.  We have a Christmas tradit at church.  We have a meal to.  Chrismas also means giting and giving presents.  Giting presents is fun.

Luke F.

To me Christmas means Jesus’s birthday.  My family goes to church, have a Christmas program, and eat a big dinner.  That’s waut Christmas means to me.

Luke P.

To me Christmas means the birth of Jesus.  We put up a manger.  My family gives presents to one a nuther and have a feast.  This is what Christmas means to me.

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