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100th Day Balloon Found Hundreds of Miles Away

A balloon has been found more than 300 miles away after being released at Vandervoot Elementary’s annual 100th Day of School Celebration in January 2017. The balloon was released by Pre-Schooler, Katie Gibbons, on January 24th, and just three weeks later on February 15th, she received a letter stating her balloon had been found.

The letter, written by a woman from Ripley, Tennessee named Angie, stated that her husband, Jeff, had found the balloon. “I am writing to let you know your balloon made it all the way to Ripley, Tn.! That’s about a distance of 329 miles! Wow! That’s a long way for a balloon to fly!” Angie said her husband found it tangled up in a tree near their pond. “We hope you enjoyed your balloon release. We sure enjoyed finding it!”

They attached Katie’s balloon tag that read, “I am 100 days smarter. If you find this write me a letter!” Katie is glad they did!

Katie is the daughter of Carl and Deantha Gibbons of Vandervoort. Photo submitted by Monica Ralls Vandervoort ABC.

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