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Acorn Basketball Blows Past Umpire


On Friday night, January 12th, Acorn Basketball hosted Umpire at Acorn High School.

Prior to the senior high games, the Acorn Jr. Tigers defeated Umpire 55-21.

In the first quarter of the senior girls game, the Lady Tigers outscored Umpire 37-4, to take a thirty-three point lead into the second. Acorn outscored the Lady Wildcats by only two in the second quarter, 12-10, to take a thirty-five point, 49-14, lead into halftime.

At halftime, Thomas and Cook led Umpire with 5 points each, as Faith Hill and Sophie Jackson led the Lady Tigers with 11 points each.

In the third quarter, the Lady Tigers continued to extend their lead, outscoring Umpire 12-6, to take a forty-one point, 61-20, lead into the final quarter of play. Both Acorn and the Lady Wildcats scored eleven points apiece in the fourth, to make the final score 72-31, in favor of Acorn.

Maeghen McCarley led the Umpire Lady Wildcats with 10 points on the night, as Emily McCarley scored 6 points, and Lindsey Thomas, Maddie Cook, and Barlore 5 points each.

Faith Hill led the Acorn Lady Tigers with 13 points, while Tori Barrett, Sophie Jackson, and Lexi Powell each scored 11 points apiece, Sydney Crawford 9 points, Makenna Goss and Gracie Hill 5 points, Maegan Vaughn 3 points, and Makayla Anderson and Braxlie Strother 2 points each.

In the first quarter of the senior boys game, the Tigers outscored Umpire 37-6, to take a thirty-one point lead into the second. The Wildcats outscored Acorn 11-10 in the second quarter, to narrow the Tigers lead down to just thirty, 47-17, going into halftime.

At halftime, Colton Turner led the Wildcats with 8 points, as Jeremiah Swint led Acorn with 15 points.

The Tigers extended their lead just a bit in the third quarter, outscoring Umpire 13-9, to take a thirty-four point, 60-26, lead into the final quarter of play. In the fourth quarter, Acorn outscored the Wildcats 12-10, to win the game by thirty-six, and make the final score 72-36 Acorn.

Colton Turner led the Umpire Wildcats with 16 points in the game, as Bearden and Dunson scored 7 points, and Strasner, Sherwood, and Perez 2 points each.

Jeremiah Swint led the Acorn Tigers with 17 points on the night, as Cross Hughes and Leo Jacinto added on 11 points each, Matthew Chaney 8 points, Josh Swint 6 points, Zak Abbott and number thirty-three 4 points, number thirty-one 3 points, and Brady Lyle, Jacob Moore, number forty-four, and number ten 2 points each.

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