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Acorn Junior Boys & Girls Win Cross-Country Meet at Lion’s Club


The first Mena Acorn Lion’s Club Cross Country meet was held Tuesday, October 4th at the Mena Lion’s Club.

cross-country-1De Queen won the Senior Girl’s and Senior Boy’s Division, while Acorn won the Junior Girl’s and Junior Boy’s Divisions.

De Queen won the senior girl’s 5K division with a total team time of 1:52:03.70. The Acorn Lady Tigers came in second with a team time of 1:52:49:70.

Faith Hill finished second with 20:44.5; while Morgan Fagan came in third with a 21:21.7.

Kendra Branson took sixth with a 22:28.2; Brittany Wilhite finished 11th with a 23:30.6; Breanna (no last name listed) came in 12th with a 24:53,7; Josey Webb ran a 27:05.6 for 13th; and Autumn Rice came in 14th with a 29:48.5.

Mena Ladycat Abbie Smith ran a 25:35.0, while Evie Smith finished with a 25:53.9.

Lady Eagle Katya Gonzales of Cossatot River ran a 35:43.8.

Saleni Rojas of De Queen won the Girl’s 5K with a 20:44.3, Faith Hill of Acorn came in second with a 20:44.5.

De Queen won the senior boy’s 5K division with a total team time of 1:28:48.00

The Mena Bearcats came in second with a team time of 1:36:15.30.

cross-country-5Clint Buck finished second with a 17:22.4; Robert McIntyre came in fourth with a 17:51.5; William Shaner finished 13th with a 19:19.3; Joseph Looney came in 15th with a 19:48.2; Dennis Kirsech ran a 21:53.9 for 22nd place; Gary Boehler came in 24th with a 24:02.4.

Cossatot River came in third in the team competetion with a team total of 1:40:15.30.

Keelan Youngblood finished seventh with an 18:29.8; Daniel Zuniga finished 16th with a 20:10.3; Cody Baker ran a 20:13.4 for 17th place; Victor Enniquez finished 18th with a 20:33.4; Ruben Trinidad came in 19th with a 20:48.4; Sixto Aguilar finished 21st with a 21:47.8; Gilberto Lervantes came in 23rd with a 22:25.3

cross-country-6The Acorn Tigers finished fourth in the team competetion with a team total of 1:43:13.90.

Kenneth Denley came in eighth with an 18:33.3; Aaron Baker finished 11th with a 19:00.1; Jeff Lewis came in 14th with a 19:29.6; Dylyn Hayner finished 20th with a 21:29.4; Tack Ha came in 25th with a 24:41.5; Mason Stout ran a 25:09.3 for 26th place.

Hector Hernadez of De Queen won the Boy’s 5K with a 16:50.5, Clint Buck of Mena finished second with a 17:22.4.

The Acorn Junior Lady Tigers won the Junior Girl’s 1.5K division with a team total of 0:56:22.80.

Mount Ida finished second with a 1:13:18.30, followed by the Mena Junior Ladycats. (No time reported) Alex Harper finished second with an 11:00.2; Justine Smith ran a 15:03.9, while Katie Mesko ran a 15:07.1 and Ashley Smith ran a 18:15.5.

cross-country-3Ashlynn Bissell of Acorn won the Junior Girls Division, followed by Alex Harper of Mena in second, Alyssa Warren came of Mena came in fourth, Sophie Jackson of Acorn finished fifth, Lexi Powell of Acorn came in sixth, Corryn Holland of Acorn was seventh, Gracie Hill of Acorn was eighth, Reaghan Weddle of Acorn came in ninth, Emily Blair of Acorn finished 10th, Allie Strother of Acorn came in 11th, Faith Brandon of Acorn finished 13th, Halli Holland of Acorn came in 14th, Kiersten Larucci of Acorn finished 15th, Makenna Goss of Acorn came in 16th, Amelia Still of Acorn finished 17th, Aby Nance of Acorn came in 18th, Sarah Wallace of Acorn finished 19th, Kaylee Tahin of Acorn came in 29th, and Autumn Strother of Acorn finished 21st.

The Acorn Junior Boys won the Junior Boy’s 1.5K Division with a team total of 0:45:41.00; Mena came in third (No time reported).

Acorn’s Matthew Chanez ran a 08:34.7 for first place. Logan Myers of Mena came in second with a 08:43.6, Jordan Ward of Acorn ran a o9:04.8 for third place, Brady Lyle of Acorn finished fourth with a 09::06.7; Curtis Curry of Mena came in fifth with a 09:10.2, Thaddaeus Nance of Mena finished sixth with a 09:16.6, Curtis Short of Acorn came in seventh with a 09:24.4, Kacey Head of Acorn ran a 09:30.4 for ninth place, while Justin Newbolt of Acorn came in 10th with a 9:30.7. Adam Hughes of Acorn finished 11th with a 09:30.9, Chad Sutton of Acorn came in 12th with a 09:39.3, Damion Bohlman of Acorn finished 13th with a 09:54.2, Jacob Cottman came in 14th with a 10:00.1, Brady Hair of Acorn finished in 16th with a 10:05.2, Jake Lyle of Acorn came in 17th with a 10:17.1, TJ Bissell of Acorn finished 18th with a 10:18.2, Nathan Cottman of Acorn came in 19th with a 19:0:20.8, Jack Young of Acorn finished 20th with a 10:25.7, Tyler Lyle of Acorn came in 26th with a 11:08.3, Trysten Richey of Acorn finished 27th with a 11:09.6 and Matthew Nance of Acorn came in 28th with a 11:23.4. Egle Hair of Acorn ran a 11:33.7 for 29th place, Donevin Tedder came in 31st with a 12:30.9, Jarrett W (No complete last name reported) of Acorn finished 32nd with a 12:31.6, Eric Mowdy of Acorn came in 36th with a 13:53.2 and Ayden Wood of Acorn finished in 37th with a 14:05.3.

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