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Acorn Middle and High School’s October Student of the Month

The Acorn Middle School and High School Faculties have chosen the following students for the October Students of the Month: (Pictured from left to right) Front Row: Emilee Harvey, 8th grade daughter of Mark and Dana Kincaid, Vivian Harper, 7th grade daughter of Michael and Kathy Harper, and Dustin Poor, 6th grade son of Mitchell and April Poor. Back Row: Shawn Harvey, 9th grade son of Charlie Harvey, Ruth Cheng, the exchange student of David and Chi Chi Harris, Brook Mabry, 10th grade daughter of Jimmy and Tammy Mabry, Selena Maechler, 11th grade daughter of Rick and Amy Maechler, and Jared Standridge, 12th grade son of Jimmy and Lisa Standridge.

These students were chosen based on the following characteristics: performing at ability level, participating in the classroom, respectful to faculty and peers, demonstrating a good work ethic and demonstrating all-around good citizenship. Students receive an academic plaque as well as have their lunch furnished by Nidec at a local restaurant.

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