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Bad Politicians and Bad Deals


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a liberal or a conservative, the safety of America and the balance of international weaponry to maintain that safety should be foremost in our minds, and the minds of our leaders. Under the new “nuclear” agreement our president has struck with Iran, a contentious, violent country will be permitted to continue the developing of the centrifuges it needs to enrich uranium to weapons grade. It is also allowed to continue a wholesale development and building of intercontinental ballistic missiles. In addition, Iran will be able to keep the majority of its nuclear infrastructure. Most importantly, sanctions on Iran will be lifted long before it finishes making the changes in its nuclear program that the agreement requires.

Iran has already violated over 20 international agreements and consistently lied to International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors for years. To have any teeth at all, an agreement such as this should require surprise inspections – but it doesn’t. In fact, this agreement prevents those inspections. Worst of all – and almost inconceivable, this process allows Iran to “inspect” itself, then tell us if they have cheated in any fashion.

We would expect some partisan politics in a system such as ours, but not a blind sectarian idiocy that allows a defiant, openly aggressive, anti-American regime to not only be granted the components for nuclear weapons, but to receive millions of dollars in national infrastructure finances as well. It’s the equivalent of paying someone to beat you with a stick. We’re talking about a regime that will undoubtedly destabilize the Middle East and force a nuclear arms race throughout the region, a regime that has sworn the destruction of our only true ally in the Middle East – Israel.

The truth is, none of this should have anything to do with politics – this is about the preservation of the Western World and its few allies. All of this should be about preventing dangerous nations who have sworn the destruction of our way of life, from receiving the means to live up to their threats. There shouldn’t be a single American in this country who finds this Iranian arms deal palatable, least of all, our leaders. But for that philosophy to take seat, we need a leader who has only America’s interests in mind. Unfortunately, what we have is a president whose actual origin and history is circumspect, a president who claims we are not at war with Islam and we never will be (while Americans around the world and in our own country are being killed by people shouting “Allah Akbar”). And now he is offering the most dangerous regime in the Middle East (a regime that has openly sworn “death to America and Israel”) the ability to produce and use weapons of mass destruction. This deal completely undermines the stability of that region, automatically initiates an arms race, and forces Israel into a position of possible radical action in order to survive. (And I can’t help but feel the subversion of Israel somehow sets comfortably with Mr. Obama – the first president in the history of the United States to openly display rancor and aggression toward that country.)

A single man has brought about all this international upheaval – for at the very least, vanity and dreams of historical grandiosity, or at the worst, an opportunity to change the world, his way.

The views and opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the ownership and staff of The Polk County Pulse. Michael Reisig is a freelance writer and published author whose works are reproduced throughout the globe.

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